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Correcting Unfair Sentencing Laws


Correcting Unfair Sentencing Laws

John Kiriakou

After I blew the whistle on the CIA’s torture program, I agreed to a plea deal that sent me to a federal prison for 23 months. Like most American prisons, mine was full of nonviolent drug offenders — people who had made a mistake, in some cases many years ago — or who had supposedly been caught up in drug rings.

These people had never physically hurt anyone. Many had never committed a crime before, but our nation’s sentencing laws are so tough that many are spending decades locked up.


Could someone explain how one size fits all mandatory sentencing rules equate with justice? A judge needs to weigh various contributing factors and conditions to render a just sentence. Mandatory sentencing rules are Reagan era changes to our legal system (please correct me if I am wrong on the era) and in light of marijuana legalization, it is long past time where such draconian punish them and punish them hard attitudes are due to be reexamined. Three strikes is a baseball term not a an excuse to send someone to prison for life as a repeat shoplifter.

Should actual justice have a place in sentencing or would that be asking too much?


Ted Turner sponsored a writing contest back in 1990 asking for new visions for a different future for mankind. I submitted a 225 page book that channeled through me over the course of 10 weeks. I’ve talked about this before–that I was “given” the idea of a universal computer-calculated time bank index through which each individual would log in their particular form of skill or service, and ALL hours (of work) were regarded as equivalent in value.

Another premise that came through at that time involved a Black photo-journalist visiting his sociology professor pal (a white guy) “in the joint.” What I was shown through the material channeling through me on a future which at that point was 30 years away (targeted for 2020… a time of balanced–in terms of equal Yin-Yang input–vision for mankind) was that a massive Transition Period would occur and during the upheaval, many intellectuals and those construed as political dissidents would be incarcerated.

Therefore, hearing Obama suddenly showing an interest in liberating prisoners had me thinking: with the political and lobbying clout of a detestable corporation like Corrections Corp. of America (and its “success” in using fiscal muscle, a/k/a lobbying bribes) to get LOTS of prisons built… what would happen to all those empty beds?

Is Alex Jones right (nor is he alone) in suggesting that this nation is not far from Martial Law’s imposition and rounding up those considered troublemakers… after all, all those beds will be empty and how will Corrections Corp make its warm body quota, i.e. profits?

It’s fascinating to watch what parts of life are becoming “liberalized” like gay marriage and opening Cuba to the likely likes of Monsanto and friends… and what parts are moving towards more Draconian lockdown (those who tell the truth or expose what Big Govt./the 1% do not want known).

Interesting, albeit ominous times we are living in, indeed.


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And for us peasants, “failure to accept responsibility” is now a crime. Unreal.