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‘Corruption’ as a Propaganda Weapon


‘Corruption’ as a Propaganda Weapon

Robert Parry

Sadly, some important duties of journalism, such as applying evenhanded standards on human rights abuses and financial corruption, have been so corrupted by the demands of government propaganda – and the careerism of too many writers – that I now become suspicious whenever the mainstream media trumpets some sensational story aimed at some “designated villain.”


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article Mr. Parry. I think that you are right on the money, pardon the pun. My first reaction to the story (and let’s remember the many definitions of that word) was “PSY-OP”! Mr. Putin, if really a master criminal, would surely have “taken the money and run” by now. He acts more like a patriot than the idiots in this country who parade around in eighteenth-century garb. Putin has earned a Nobel Peace Prize. That means he ain’t going to get one.


Ok, so obviously Putin is facing an all out attack. If its bad, Putin did it. The question is why? And more importantly, by whom? We need the excellent investigative skills of Mr. Parry to tell us who is orchestrating this thing and the “REAL” reasons why. No more just saying the “neocons.” Who are they, what are their motives, who are they aligned with, etc. Pull back the curtain and expose the Wizard(s).


"But the larger danger from this perversion of journalism is that it sets the stage for “regime changes” that destabilize whole countries, thwart real democracy (i.e., the will of the people), and engender civil warfare. "

Here we approach the heart of the world’s travails. What happens when distributed human intelligence is kept scattered and unfocused by daily propaganda that jumps from one lie to the next? Can a daily dose of new lies glue a fairy tale together until tomorrow’s new batch of lies? Maybe for a little while. Eventually, distributed human intelligence focuses and clearly sees the oligarchs wielding austerity programs to extract more from humanity and Earth.

Democracy is an ancient organic tool used by humans to focus their distributed intelligence on current existential problems, e.g. imposed austerity and impending ecological collapse. Although democracy can be used in tandem with a government, it is a concept best kept guarded from government. Democracy is a concept totally separate from government. Governments do not care for democracy any more than corporations do. All governments work to control distributed human intelligence as if they somehow know more then cosmic powered biology manifest as human. Governments believe they can control evolution of big bang and get rich doing it. Democracy is outside of government and it always will be.


Interesting concept Garret_Connelly, and perhaps I might change my mind after I ponder it more but at the moment I disagree. Democracy is from the Greek: Demos meaning the people and kratia meaning rule. So the very nature of the word itself is about government. And of course this is indeed ancient. That said folks have been organizing themselves into cohesive communities for millennia before the Greeks ruled.

Perhaps my problem is one of semantics. Would we, as nation, not be better off if we sought consensus, which is also a form of democracy? In a nation split by racial and class divisions, which are further exacerbated by the two major parties every election cycle so that they can maintain power, our form of democracy has simply come down to casting a vote in a winner takes all system (which could be made a lot more fair), and then the vast majority of us walk away for another two years while the elected officials make all the policy decisions that affect our lives.

Our system could just as easily require that our elected representatives consult with their constituents and reach a consensus before casting policy votes. Using a Peoples Movement Assembly process (PMA), an issue or slate of issues can be brought to communities for discussion and input before these decisions are made. Imagine what the country would have said to the question, "Should the US taxpayers bail out the big banks?

The democracy we have had in this nation has many shortcomings, but in my mind with the right process, democracy is the only form of government that can deliver us all to a happier and better quality of life.


In the mean time at the front lines of the massive abuses are the Indigenous Peoples. Emblematic example: the Eagle Pass Coal Mine in Texas.

Petition link


" Designated villains".

Yes, this smells like a rat to me, because so far there are no American designated villains. Why?


Right out of the textbook…


Friends of Putin get rich , therefore it follows Putin is corrupt as Putin a Politician that formulates Government Policy.

Friends of Clinton get rich , therefore it follows that Clinton has nothing to do with it.

What is so hard to understand?


Recent ICIJ funders include: Adessium Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Fritt Ord Foundation, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, The Ford Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts and Waterloo Foundation.

The ICIJ (releasing the papers) is funded in part by these groups. The Open Society Foundation as example has George Soros behind it. Mr Soros has been alleged to have been behind a number of the “Color revolutions” such as that In The Ukraine.



An what are the motives of these groups? World domination?


The ICIJ is the group behind this release. They are the International Consortium of Independent Journalists.

What is the motivation of the peoples in the background that use such groups to distribute propaganda?

Obviously to further the interests of the Corporate state.

A German journalist recently confessed that he was paid money to publish articles under his name that were provided to him by the CIA. Many of those articles were intended to put Russia in a bad light under the guise of Journalism.

Operation mockingbird was a CIA initiative to distribute propaganda so as to keep the Cold War going so as to ensure continual military spending.

In the 1990s Madeline Albright in speaking about Russia claimed No country has a right to all of those resources when discussing the sheer scale of Russian resource wealth this around the same time MR Brzezinski was promoting his book The grand Chessboard which claimed whomever controlled Central Asia would control the World. Strategies were outlined then as to how the US and Western allies could break Russia into smaller countries which they could then dominate.

This hard to sell to the Public unless Russia remains the bad guy , thus the need to “catapult the propaganda” via the media


“Some of those Western interests now are worried about the growth of the BRICS economic system – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – as a competitor to the West’s G-7 and the International Monetary Fund. After all, control of the global financial system has been central to American power in the post-World War II world – and rivals to the West’s monopoly are not welcome.”


It’s also become customary to call anyone who challenges the oft’ repeated Official Stories a “Conspiracy theorist” or “conspiracy nut.”

Some time ago I posted the link to Cass Sunstein’s formal paper. In it, he makes a case for essentially criminalizing dissent and rendering any questions to authority (including Authoritarian Business-Government alliances) as pathology.

Imagine my surprise to see David Icke exposing this same subject. It’s worth a listen… for open-minded persons. Icke, due to his subject matter, has been demonized by official sources. I don’t agree with everything he says; but a lot that he does say is right on.

Here is the link: