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Corruption at the Assembly Committee Gutted California's Net Neutrality


Corruption at the Assembly Committee Gutted California's Net Neutrality

Ernesto Falcon

In the morning before S.B. 822 was to get its first hearing in front of a California Assembly committee before the cameras were on to catch it, the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Communications and Conveyance introduced and got a vote on amendments that substantially weakened the net neutrality provisions of S.B. 822.


It seems that in the Trump Era, politicians can unabashedly come out and admit that they work for the owners, without fear of retribution at the polls, and with the full and unconditional support of those who will be hurt the most by their sycophancy.

Even the president’s wife wife can give the rubes the middle finger with impunity as she boards a plane with her $39 “I don’t care” (about you) coat on.

At least they used to talk like the country was their priority, now they just openly work to enrich themselves and their business using their positions in government, and the tycoons openly reward them with millions in bribes and payoffs.

I never thought I would witness such open and flagrant corruption in government. It’s the kind of stuff you read about happening long, long ago. And now it’s here and now…


The important difference is in the “flagrant” part. The corruption happened all along, elites just don’t care anymore with the facade of propriety.


When you control the vote counting, you can do as you wish with no accountability.


So will this guy be defeated come nov.??? I think the internet is already compromised. What is outrageous is this guy taking money from AT&T and having any involvement on this bill. THIS IS CORRUPTION-----WAKE UP-----THIS GUY BELONGS IN JAIL! WILL CD CALL OUT THIS GUY FOR ALL THIS CORRUPTION---------OR LOOK THE OTHER WAY???


These Net Neutrality bills passed the Cal Senate by 2:1 margins (all Ds for, all Rs against).

These bills would have easily passed the assembly.

Instead, we have ATT, Verizon, and Comcast override the democratic process by means which are against Assembly protocol.

The Assembly leadership needs remove Santiago from the telecom committee.

If the don’t, they are complicit.


“Willing legislators” or corrupt legislators?