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"Corruption, Plain and Simple": Kushner Visa Scandal Snowballs


"Corruption, Plain and Simple": Kushner Visa Scandal Snowballs

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The latest White House scandal over the president's son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner benefiting from the recent extension of the so-called "golden visa" program continues to dog the administration, despite its best efforts to brush it aside.


It is just the Trump-Pence Crime Syndicate in action.


I wonder what Trump or Kushner would make of the concept of president as public servant.


It will be awful hard to sweep the corruption out of rump's admin when it is ingrained at every level.


If this latest corruption surprises anyone about Trump, it means they are have not been paying attention; or are very naive.

Like I have posted before, Trump running for POTUS was purely a business decision and from his standpoint... a great business decision!


Yet another behind-the-scenes money-laundering scheme for the uber-wealthy on both sides of the pond to make more money...and corruption is integral to the entire process along with complicity of the WH and DJT. A large percentage of the wealth accumulation by Chinese high-rollers is through rampant government corruption as reported in The Guardian over the years. That sale of the Florida property to a Russian kleptocrat brokered by DJT's corp. was a textbook money-laundering scheme. In this case and with the Chinese real estate purchases in Canada and the US, the properties are purchased but unlived in for the most part. A very slimy, slippery slope these crafty criminals are navigating...

Race and real estate: how hot Chinese money is making Vancouver unlivable

After Canada’s ugly episode of racism in the early 20th century, Vancouverites feel uneasy talking about how this beautiful but unassuming city became one of the world’s least affordable: an unprecedented flood of capital from China


I'm really afraid for our country, for reals, if Trump is forced to quit like Nixon, after he has irrefutably wreaked havoc upon the very fabric that holds our nation together as ONE. The pense, just may have been the plan all along. Who calls his wife Mother? Deep breath. Now scream.


Foreign investors are driving up cost of real estate in commercial and residential. How much of the foreclosures in 2009/10/11 of residential real estate picked up by Hedge Fund Managers i.e. foreign investors?

One Percenters of the world are driving up prices of real estate and the American Dream for everyone else and many more commodities that we in the 99% need to exists.

This is a stinkin fleecing of America by 1% of the world, of course, America's one percenters get their's first.


Recipe for draining the swamp: remove the mosquitoes, introduce rats and cockroaches.


How Oedipal.


Banana republic!


Nepotism; rationalization; duplicity, extortion, racketeering, contempt for the rule of law; delusional... Well, I could think of a few more apt terms to characterize this administration's blatant disregard for notions of justice and fair play. And, that's just what one can perceive in plain sight; one can only imagine just how much more inveiglement, subterfuge and machinations lay beneath the surface.

Oh, and not that past administrations haven't indulged in such practices—in one way or another; but, I find it most chilling that the current one does so with such complete and utter impunity and with the implication that it is entitled to do so because it is righteously engaging in some form of "manifest destiny" or that it is doing God's work.

You can bet that the "pigs at the trough" are not only pillaging in the short-run, but once this administration has come to pass, its chiefs and consiglieres will have already sufficiently sowed the seeds to reap even more pecuniary benefits.


You know that swamp the cheeto-in-chief promised to drain if he was elected? Let's bury him, Pence, Ryan, Ivanka and Jared in it deep enough that they will never be able to claw their way out!


I honestly think that if the Flynn thing is followed to its conclusion it will remove both the cheeto-in-chief and his holier-than-thou veep; there's also some chatter out there that Pence paid bills with a chunk of his political donations b4 he hitched up with the dump trump; wouldn't it be funny (ironic) if his own crimes brought him down b4 the cheeto gets booted? Looking more and more like Nixon every day ...


Like ewwwwwww 🤢


Thanks for the link. Sorry but, I had problem with the "like" feature; its value should be plus one.


Obviously they don't buy into that concept. It probably seems like a sucker play to then. Telling the public that you're doing what you do to serve all the people all the time for the betterment of everyone and have them believe you like the 44 percent do is a testament to human gullibility and the wish to believe despite huge amounts of evidence to thr contrary.

The current scam, selling immigration preferential treatment to wealthy Chinese "entrepreneurs" for half a million dollars is yet another example of what a cash cow milking racket U.S. politics has become.

Unless that 44 percent who love and believe in President Trump come to their senses and shake off their delusions soon, western civilization will either destroy itself with nuclear weapons or slide quickly into a decline that will cause massive suffering and will indicate that things are damaged beyond repair,


There is now a hint of the temporary wafting about the air in this White House. It seems almost that neither the bumble Trump nor his corrupt Grand Vizier Kushner really expect to stay the whole four years and are eagerly plundering where they can with rapacious abandon (getting while the getting is good) and unconcern for ethics or even decency.

Run up the Jolly Roger and grab what you can (please grab only money Mr.Trump and none of that other shameful stuff you bragged about)!

The thing is that even if he manages to survive, the credibility of his presidency will long have passed on by.

Trump's White House is like a sleazy B-movie where greedy and incompetent gangsters take over a business and soon run it into the ground before moving on.


Home prices up. Stock market up. Bombs dropping right on schedule. Taxes on the rich going down.

Outsider businessman President disregarding probity, and doing what businessmen do--his base loving it.

D-Party whining in the background, still flailing and waffling on anything that rattles corporate donors.

You may sense the temporary, but I'd suggest you count on seeing Trump around for awhile.


In the 21st Century, such things as you've cited can change direction quite a bit faster than one might previuously have expected.

As to the subject of the article: conflicts of interest and appearances of impropriety also have the potential to bite back hard.