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'Corruption, Plain and Simple': Public Comments Show Outrage at CFPB's Corporate Turn Under Mulvaney


'Corruption, Plain and Simple': Public Comments Show Outrage at CFPB's Corporate Turn Under Mulvaney

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After weeks of working tirelessly to dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) ability to protect consumers and roll back its power to punish criminal banks, White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney put out a


I added my own comment. I urge others to do so, although Lord knows it probably won’t make any difference - since when do any of these pricks actually care what the average Joe Plebe thinks? But at least I feel better going on record with the corrupt shit Mulvaney - I’m assuming at least someone far, far down the ladder on his staff will read these.


You have to wonder how people like Mulvaney, Scott Pruitt, Betsy DeVos live with themselves.


Ghouls live by different rules.


We can thank Camilla Harris for allowing this cretin to run amok. If she was doing her job and prosecuted him in 2009 he would be in jail, but she liked his campaign donations. Sigh Corporate Dems.


It is easy, if you have no conscience!


These extremist trump appointees, who are sabotaging the public’s and environmental protections - even such as they are - should be made to feel the full wrath of the public! to be forced to pay via prosecutions, indictments and hopefully convictions that include repayment for their wages stolen from the public and any harms caused by their sabotage and losses by he public. If the law has no mechanisms or statutes to apply to such corrupt actions against the public interest, that I find hard to believe if a prosecutor is diligent, they must found or be created.


As long as they are surrounded by people who think as they do, it’s not hard to do, just ask trump.


They’re sociopaths. Their brains aren’t like yours and mine. That’s why sociopaths do really well in this broken society. Not everyone can get into power like him or Pai and make decisions they know will negatively harm others. However, if you are willing to do that, there’s big bucks awaiting you if you happen to get some power. Mulvaney doesn’t lose an ounce of sleep knowing he harms others. He cares if he looks into his checking account and doesn’t see it growing. They can’t be reasoned with, they just need to be defeated.


Kamala Harris.

A web search finds lots of hits about her failure to prosecute Mnuchin, but nothing about Mulvaney.


I agree with you that the impact of writing will be minimal, if at all. I was one of thousands, if not millions, who wrote to Pai at the FCC pleading for net neutrality, and he totally ignored the will of the people. Pai was Obama’s appointee to the board and Trump’s to the chair, so they both share the blame on that choice At least those of us who write and take part in marches, demonstrations, etc., know that we are attempting to make things better.


It’s easy when you have no soul.


The spawn of all of these humans, must be neutered to prevent further future damage.


I say screw it , shut down the CFPB, send this scum home. It’s not going to benefit the public anyway. Hell he could use it to bring more harm to the public than is done by Wall St.
The CFPB can be reactivated after our political mess is straightened out.


Translation: So consumers can become mired ever more deeply in debt, thus assuring ever larger returns for predatory lenders and their investors.


Aw come on, give ol’ Mick a break; he’s just doing the job with which Donald tasked him.


I wonder what or who is going to do the straightening.


What else did anyone expect? This is just one more blatant example of the entire republican agenda. Rape, rob, pollute and bankrupt our country, rig all the elections commit sedition and perhaps even treason, as Trump and the republicans have kept secret that a Putin and Trump ally just attacked and killed American troops in Syria three weeks ago, but Trump won’t even put any sanctions on Russia for meddling in our democracy. Russia is at war with America and Trump trusts Putin and refuses to defend our country against cyber war or even Russian troops killing Americans in Syria! Trump has already done more than enough to warrant impeachment even without the Mueller probe. Republicans still love Trump and right wing media lies all the time to support Trump and attack the true patriots who oppose Trump’s crimes. The American oliogharchs are taking over and they are even in league with Russian oliogharchs who are attacking our democratic republic. This is treasonous and seditious, yet there is complete silence from the right and so called patriotic conservatives! The right’s adoration of Trump and the republicans is aiding their evil agenda to destroy our freedom and make Americans into slaves like they are in Russia! And they blame democrats who oppose Trump?! Why are we allowing these evil traitors to poison and loot our country?! Don’t be deceived America, it is all right wing media that always lies. WAPO is a national treasure, they are the only ones exposing the real truth! Sure they make mistakes, but they admit them, like any responsible journalists would do. Does Fox ever admit their lies, no! I have been watching this for years, ever since 911. This is a Republican far right coup over our democracy. We can’t let them succeed in this bloodless coup attempt. We must take our country back and make democracy work for everyone!


Vote for Bernie and Liz Warren in 2020 and take America back with a vengeance! Bernie knows that these guys are corrupt oliogharchs. Liz will get them for gutting the CFPB that she created! Vote and primary out the corporate democrats and centrists. Don’t vote for Biden or any corporate shills. Vote in the primaries in every state. Vote. Donate. Vote repeat. We must do whatever we can to restore democracy!


Unfortunately, quite comfortably.