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'Corruption, Plain and Simple': Public Comments Show Outrage at CFPB's Corporate Turn Under Mulvaney


Obama Administration, if my memory serves me. I voted for the fraud first time around.


I suggest with our feet in the streets. Your vote? Get serious!


I realized that after the post, still a bunch of Cretins, and Harris is still a corporate Dem.




Excellent translation.


I expect the greed to prevail as American fascism strengthens the deathly grip on humanity.


This is actually good news. I had missed the announcement that Mulvaney was soliciting a piece of my mind, and I will be most happy to oblige him. Not that I have it to spare, but he is such a dim bulb that I can afford to spot him a few watts.

With luck he may go asking Michael Novak for more information. Novak was a conservative Catholic, and it is not entirely clear how he posted his response to Mr. Mulvaney as he died just over a year ago. But he was conservative in a sense somewhat different from that which would apply to, say, Mitch McConnell, so perhaps he will find a way to respond.


Go Swamp!


Hopefully, the voters, but I won’t hold my breath.
It’s too late for 2018, maybe by 2020 we can form a progressive party or get everyone moved to the green party. Whatever it is there has to be enough votes to overcome the vote theft scam.


Uh, Mr. Mulvaney: YOU’RE FIRED!


And guillotined!


Thank you!


No conscience summarizes my impression of the Trump administration from top to bottom. I don’t think I have ever been this disgusted with a president previously, even Nixon.


Yes, you do hafta wonder about that… and yet some of ‘em consider themselves predestined for heaven. They must be livin’ under some other god.


I added my comment saying that Mulvaney seeks to reduce CFPB to “zero effectiveness.” I urge you to add your comment as well. There is a link at the word request in the first paragraph.


These crooks don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re giving the banking industry another license to steal.


Comment periods are an important part of how laws are administered and administrative rules are made. Administrative rules are how the executive branch administers the laws passed by the legislative branch. By commenting one has standing in court and can thus sue the agency involved if their issuance of certain rules are wrong. One cannot sue if one hasn’t exhausted all administrative remedies first including participation in the mandated comment period. Only then can one take the agency to court.

Commenting on administrative rules is an important role of citizenship. Please take the time to comment. It isn’t an impotent act but instead an important act.


Defeated, deleted, guillotined…it’s all good :wink:


I think Trump is so bad and so corrupt in comparison… he makes Nixon look like a choir boy!


Aggressively dismantling an agency that has been proven necessary time and time again is bigger than this one political tool. This puppet must have heavy pressure behind him, pressure that would definitely have an effect on the presidency itself. This cannot happen with a long chain of political decisions working patiently to overthrow our dysfunctional democratic principles. The manifestations began with the Reagan tax cuts for the rich and the anti productive supply side economic fairytale. This next election could very well be the last possible gasp for the founding fathers Great Experiment. Lets don’t screw it up this time.