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Cory Booker’s Foreign Policy Echoes His Biggest Donors

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/02/cory-bookers-foreign-policy-echoes-his-biggest-donors

Cancelling the Iran nuclear deal was in the service of Israel, not the U.S. Indeed Bibii Netanyahu says he lead Trump to cancel. The cancellation opened to door to pretexts for weakening or ending Iran as an adversary of Israel. Sanctions alone can do a wonderful job from the Israel perspective whether or not they result in regime change, but from the US perspective the cancellation was and is a major loser.

This is a disturbing assessment.

Nevertheless I am willing to give Cory Booker the benefit of the doubt and allow him more time to see if his actions are the result of Israeli donations or sound judgement?

I am still skeptical about his ties to Wall Street but really impressed by his ethical stance on so many other issues.

The fact that he is a Vegan tells me that he has made a moral commitment on Animal Rights and is well educated on the subject of Health and the effects Animal Products have on our Body and that Factory Farms are bigger polluters than the Auto Industry.

His Vegan diet, in my estimation, definitely buys him more time to prove his integrity to worldwide ethical principles and not to large donations influencing his decisions?

Booker’s “worldwide ethical principles” are causing death and misery in Iran. It is estimated that our sanctions on Iraq resulted in the deaths of 500,000 children. But you go ahead and give Booker, who will happily do the same to Iranian children for those pro-Israel campaign donors, time to prove his integrity.

Being a vegan is completely consistent with being a narcissist caring about the effects animal products have on his own body with not a with of concern for the other factors mentioned.