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Cost to Protect Betsy DeVos: $20 Million

Cost to Protect Betsy DeVos: $20 Million

Diane Ravitch

Why is Betsy DeVos afraid? In her first year in office, some protestors in Washington, D.C., objected to her visit at a public school.

Since then, she has had a special detachment of U.S. Marshalls giving her round-the-clock protection.

Other cabinet secretaries have encountered protestors. None of them are guarded by U.S. Marshalls.

Of course, she is very special. She is a billionaire.

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I’m pretty sure people like DeVos have no idea what work is. I’d expect when someone first asked her what her office hours would be, she probably fainted. “Office what?! You mean, I have to actually be in this peasant hole?!”

Gotta love the rich. Or should I say, the “hardest workers amongst us which is why they deserve so much money.”


We really need to be identifying these courtiers by their status in feudal terms. Then again, women in feudal times did not benefit from so powerful a movement of everyday women fighting for equality. So, I guess we need to call it neo-feudalism, and this standee is a place holder for an entire strata of parasites. The word ‘parasite’ sounds like such a nasty word, but given what is being done, its the only accurate word. The job of her standeeship is to assure that education is not; to assure that the impoverishment - yes, usurpation and replacement with a null set - of the power and strengths of human beings to democratically determine the needed education of the day, meeting the realities with which we live, is ‘externalized’ and marginalized for privatization for profit.

Dumber - perhaps more in the sense of speechless - than a damn sack of hammers and does she even wonder why she is disliked? Is this what was meant by legally blind and/or blonde? The claws must have rigor mortis by now.

What do you do about a person so deeply dissociative and destructive of the intricacies of societal health, who defines her worth by doing - and/or not doing - what she is doing?

She will remain sick until she becomes sick of her sickness - to paraphrase the Tao te Ching. A resignation would no doubt reflect at least some redeeming quality. I will not be holding my breath.

These folks need to assimilate, process and actually understand the full scope and meaning of the admonition:
‘They try to bury us, but they do not understand that we are seeds’.


Ravitch sez: “Other cabinet secretaries have encountered protestors. None of them are guarded by U.S. Marshalls.”

I was about to suggest she should be ‘protected’ by a detachment of her brother’s mercenary crew. Upon further review, it appears likely that would actually double the cost to the taxpayer.


Not to mention many dead civilians.


Corruption comes in many forms but corruption of the mind has to be called out.

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My guess is that she knows she is a despicable person advocating on behalf of the oligarchs instead of the people she works for and is afraid of being harassed and attacked for it. She is afraid of that which she richly deserves.


My heart bleeds, she must realize people hate her overpampered guts. My guess is she is such a mediocrity that she remains in a job, which she doesn’t do; whereas she could use her wealth to do much more interesting things outside of government. Maybe Trump should make her ambassador to Britain; she would love the English “public” schools (i.e. their term for fancy private schools such as Eton.).

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“on behalf of the oligarchs”? She is an oligarch herself, so she is working for her own benefit. She never represented “the people” at any point in her life. Why would she start now?


Did you hear that Dump sassed the commander of the squad that killed Osama because he supported Clinton. Yes, I just saw the clip - even Faux News was stunned. This was shown on MSM including the clip from Faux .

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I don’t think she even has a degree.

The saddest part is DeVos is holding a position which could go to someone with actual education experience, who is passionate about public education’s improvement and success in America.


Shakespeare once wrote a, " what’s in a name, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
Hmmm so I wondered… what is a DeVos?
Betsy started out as a “prince,” and morphed into a DeVos, which is from the Dutch language, and meaning the Fox…hmmm. I suppose to lead a cabinet without working might seem clever to some—but no, she is no fox., I like foxes as they are beautiful and clever…so no match there but LOL, i have found a name definition match! : )

DEVOS the Devastator… from Marvel Comics—a definite match for a person who would devastate a nation’s educational system…making students “dumb and dumber.”
DEVOS—, definitely and arch villain and DEVASTATOR OF EDUCATION!

My dear mother taught me how to teach. Love what you know and watch people grow. It ain’t that complicated.

Is this even an article? Is it a tweet? Was it thumbed and sent while sitting on the toilet? When did monoredunancies become acceptable journalism?

Really, not much to discuss other than, are there equal opportunity security personnel, and how many prefer the hairless look.

We see the $20 million cost to protect this walking fraud, and raise it to $40 million, the cost of just one of her yachts.