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Costs for Renewables Plunge While Dirty Fuels Get More Expensive: Report



Everything will work out eventually. Of course we will just have to wait until we have once in a 1,000 year rainstorms every few years and once in a century droughts that last a century or more before the corporatists will recognize that climate change is a disaster and even if they keep funding fossil fuel development that we won't be able to keep using them.



In a sane economic system, renewables would have outcompeted fossil fuels a long time ago, as the latter have been subsidized and are fraught will all sorts of externalities.


In a sane system, we would have continued developing alternatives like Jimmy Carter wanted us to. Instead we got Reagan and look at where we are these many decades later. Carter has at least seen that he has finally been proven right.


Solar & renewables not only "cost" far less than gas & conventional energy, when you add in the damage to the environment, a solar home with 100-panels makes the average homeowner in Germany $2,000. / month income.
In the near future, solar will pay the cost of your mortgage in 20 years.
Just like Germany requires Utilities to pay $0.99 kwh for solar, so too in Maine, utilities pay $0.33 kwh for solar.
Germany banned all fracking using solar, and will shut down all nukes by 2022, using solar, geo-thermal, wind & hydro.
All of which create jobs that cannot be off-shored, by building 100-panel solar homes.


I sincerely believe that we would be driving electric cars for work commutes or riding on renewable energy driven light rail in every major city today if alternative energy had been given the same tax breaks that the carbon cartels have been awarded since Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the White House. A new day is finally dawning let us hope it won't come too late to save our present civilization.


A sane economic system cannot be based on the random behaviour of a shoal of frightened investors looking for short-term gain in a stock market.


Well, if a drought lasts for a century, it is a 1 in a 100 years drought..............


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Of course you know what this means. Capitalism apologists will say, see, capitalism works! It is moving us off of non-renewable energy sources by itself, not via government controls.