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Could a Green New Deal Make Us Happier People?

Could a Green New Deal Make Us Happier People?

Kate Aronoff

For as long as climate change has been a part of America’s national consciousness, it’s been talked about in dire terms, evoking images of some hellish, Mad Max-style dystopia.


I would like to change one thing FIRST of all , WE are NOT the greatest nation in the world, and never have been. Although many nations have been great off and on. I think America was great with the Marshall plan after ww2----but no nation is always great because. things keep morphing all the time.
If we really were free, then ICE wouldn’t exist and all those police would not get away with shooting all the black people.
All Americans would be happier with a living wage and free health care, and free education, and a really small military.
I think that “We’re the Greatest,” makes people feel so insignificant individually, that buying hard to find expensive things is how they have decided is the way to show how GREAT they are-----but that doesn’t mean that how they get the money is great, or that their work choice is great, or that the nation is.
America would be GREAT, if corporations were not people, and if they had to pay for the plethora of awfulness that they have done to the environment.
Maybe Americans would realize that being white is not a wonderful event in itself. Being a white person, I have truly experienced some pretty awful white people : )

So, I have noticed that Judaism does a positive thing in noting Jewish,before terms like writer, artist politician and at one time, even Jewish basketball player…so putting an ethnicity or religion in front of a success might help the white power movement realize that lots of American’s success came from people from other nations, other skin colors, other genders and other religions. Maybe that would help some of the white people realize that all kinds of immigrants from many religions and n religions created this nation.
And as to the term ---- GREAT, I think all nation are, off and on, and it all depends on how they see, and fix problems or race, religion, and immigration. RECOGNIZING and valuing all humans is what makes any nation great. That kind of HAPPY doesn’t cost anything —so play old Aretha song R-E-S-P-E-C-T and see what happens. : )


This propaganda is getting disgusting.

The Green New Deal is not an economy-wide mobilization to decarbonize the United States as soon as possible. If it was it wouldn’t be a resolution. It would be a proposed law. If it was it wouldn’t be general, vague goals. It would be full of specific, measurable actions with a time table. If it was it wouldn’t be something that is supposed to just be talked about for two years if it was AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Not all critics of the Green New Deal are against addressing Climate Change. That’s a smear used to discredit the most anti-climate change presidential candidate to actually propose a law that is specific with measurable actions on a time table. There are critics, like me, who are against the Green New Deal because it’s not what it says. It’s as if FDR first New Deal had been no actions but just a resolution that sometime after 1934 specifics might be enacted.

I will not shut up. Wake up. Stop with the diversion. Start supporting real change. Look into the Off Fossil Fuels Act by Tulsi Gabbard.


In the mean time - corporate overreach is once again bringing Pebble Mine to the Army Corps of Engineers - which has presented the profile of influence from the mining industry.

I would submit that until “leadership” actually grasps that this is no longer a game, we have to stay on top of the coopted “regulatory” apparatus in a very public manner.

NRDC has posted a letter writing campaign to the ACOE


Tell the Army Corps that You Oppose the Toxic Pebble Mine!

ouch - but good points

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Fridays for Future in Germany have drawn up its demands with input from groups of students from across Germany in coordination with climate scientists. The activists said that student strikes would continue until their demands were met.

What are the activists demanding in Germany

Half of the targets set by the group are for the longer term:

  • By 2030, Germany should cease all coal mining * By 2035, Germany should have net-zero greenhouse gas emissions * By 2035, all of Germany’s energy should come from renewable sources

Meanwhile, the group has also suggested three immediate changes, to be implemented in 2019:

  • Cutting all government subsidies for fossil-fuel energy sources * Shutting one quarter of all German coal power plants * A tax on carbon dioxide emissions to make its cost "as high as the cost that greenhouse gases will cause future generations"

The group add that their climate goals for Germany would need to be achieved in a "socially acceptable" manner and "in no way put a one-sided burden on lower-income people."

The GND is not workable. It is a nice idea and might spin off into something useful, such as realising we are on track to destroy ourselves. The cleverest animal is homo sapiens, but also the most stubborn. It’s like a secret death wish. We are way past the point of no return, but that demon we won’t see until we see the whites of its eyes. Then, panic!
The trouble coalesces around the scale of the fix needed. Renewables today only account for 4% of energy generation, a trifling amount. If we were to achieve a total equivalence ,a] it would take many years b] we are still growing at a 20 year doubling. c] we have to add to the existing system during the transfer so compromising any attempt at economies and emissions.
I don’t know what to suggest, The problem is monumentally large.

The Green New Deal as proposed says ______. That’s a problem. Nothing at all is in writing. Why? What’s going on? In a deeply corrupted nation, many people will start asking that in about ten seconds.

The Green New Deal needs a pledge to perform green research and development based on merit, based on gigatons of carbon displaced or sequestered per research dollar spent, times the probability of success. We need an inherently corruption-resistant committee in charge, probably broad-based, probably elected by single transferable vote for multiple seats. We don’t need rich people giving lots and lots of cash for 51% of the votes.

Sure I’d be happier if we weren’t on a direct path toward massive world hunger. But where’s that path?

That depends on what it would actually do. And anything depends on getting passed.

Meanwhile, we may proceed as we can, mostly away from government and large business.

“Could a green new deal make us happier people?” IMHO - not if the undignified U-KNOW-WHO is still president.

It’s not an easy fix but I recommend one staying away from arguments that dispirit the GND concepts and subsequent efforts. How about Boeing and its planes — how much is their average MPG per plane? They’re going to need to recover their lost trust of the public. Maybe coming out with an inventive idea about how to reduce their use of diesel/jet fuel would help. Just sayin’…