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Could a Network of Rebellious Cities Really Stand Against Trump?


Could a Network of Rebellious Cities Really Stand Against Trump?

Sasha Davis

Since the November U.S. election, many on the Left have taken a closer look at how local places like cities, towns, college campuses, indigenous communities, and states can challenge the coming Trump administration. After all, the political Right in the U.S. has long known that federal regulations can be blocked at the city or state level through local legislation, foot-dragging, and outright defiance. Why would the Left be any less able to engage in these tactics?


I like the sound of REBEL CITIES !!


There are barely any rebels for people much less cities. Who are you kidding?


There are already rebel college campuses. Rebel cities will follow. Rebelliousness is in the air, and it won't be stopped. I was born a rebel - now I know why.


Well, it's an excellent idea, in some sense. Offhand, though, the first question is "Who is going to do this?"

The difficulty is that we need cities that are authentically worker and populist oriented to perform the task. It is not going to happen by imagining that oppressive elements suddenly descended on America in the form of Donald Trump because you have all sorts of local government out there that has been repressive and backwards for ages. .

But if that could be arranged, presumably with the attendant difficulties, yeah, it's a great idea.

Might it start with cities, towns, perhaps counties, or community organizations trying to take care of what one might loosely describe as "their own." Maybe what can be instituted is something like socialism in a small place.

The Transition Towns movement is interesting in this regard.


Wouldn't California and a few other states be better off seceding from the US ?


let us hope this rebellion does not focus on trump and the republicans alone and recognizes there systemic changes needed so as to diminish the political power of the 1 percent and transfer it to the people.




sounds positively Greek cradle of democracy, eh?


I just said I like the sound of it. I didn't say anything about whether
it's a factor a great idea. Did I?


I like the sound of it also. Unfortunately there haven't been any real protests in the US since the VietNam era. Yes, I protested.


I'm ready to do "whatever is necessary" to stop trump.
The problem is that so many people who could make a difference are (intellectually) uneducated, undereducated, uninvolved, disinterested...with what just happened in the 2016 election. The core and grassroots must also be motivated and inspired to PUSH forward not backward...and understand WHY !