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Could Anti-Climate Amendment Torpedo Fast Track?


Could Anti-Climate Amendment Torpedo Fast Track?

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Environmental groups have long of the dangers Fast Track poses to the environment. Now they have solid proof.

With the controversial House Fast Track vote expected to take place Friday, an 11th-hour GOP effort to forbid U.S. trade officials from taking action on climate change has raised the fury of environmental groups and lawmakers, as well as hopes that the unpopular legislation could be torpedoed altogether.


We shall see what Nancy Pelosi thinks of the environment when she lets that one slide along with all the other criminal mess in that deal she is and is not aware of.


Obviously the whole TPP is an effort to turn all power in the world over to a cabal of too big to fail international corporations. Like all power to the 0.01% and **** everyone else. I don’t know how peons and wage slaves are supposed to survive. Between extreme poverty and climate change induced major famines, the 99.9% of world population are thoroughly ****d.


The smirk on his face is enough to tell all, I have something up my sleeve!


Signing onto this absurd so called Trade deal is a way Obama can appear to be going hard on the Climate agenda knowing that BIg Corps. and other Nations will just sue the US to over turn any regulations or laws that get in their way. Its a not so clever way of trying to have it both ways an Obama trait from day 1.