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Could Britain's Labour Party Under Corbyn Hold the Answer to Europe's Woes?


Could Britain's Labour Party Under Corbyn Hold the Answer to Europe's Woes?

Nick Dearden

For over 40 years, Britain has pushed extreme, free-market policies in the European Union (EU). While the EU has delivered, for Britain, better workers' rights, cleaner air and water, and more enforceable human rights, Britain has consistently argued against the regulation of big business and big finance and against better social protection.


“The spark of tranformation across our continent” needed is to reverse the trend of the EU leadership looking more like the US Congress each year with respect to corporate ownerrship of politicians.


Old Labour - New Lies


Fine. Let him transform Britain first. Then the example will be easier to follow If he stays in the EU the banksters will, one way or another, have him boiled in oil.

It seems the socialists in Britain still think it’s the 19th century. Keep it local! Hasn’t anyone learned that the current situation with migrants is the result of the EU deliberately allowing the flood of immigrants to keep the people distracted from them (the banksters and their cohorts) and fighting with the immigrants. Oh,yes and to create more demand for their products and to lower labor costs.


But the EU is already beginning to do those things, opposed or abstained from, by Britain. It’s not that Britian under Corbyn could lead Europe in social democracy, it would be more of case of simply catching up with it. France, for example, has a 35 hour week, better employment rights, earlier retirement etc, Finland is planning implementing a citizen’s wage, many EU countries have free higher education and so on and so forth. I think many on the Left in the EU will be glad to see the back of the obstructionist, pro-free market UK. Adieu to the anglo-saxon economic model.


Thanks for setting the record straight. USAns can really be clueless at times.

Cassandra’s xenophobic, conspiratorial, Syrian-migrant-agency-robbing viewpoints in particular have no place in the left.

And no forget “localism”. The left must, first and foremost, be internationalist in its solidarity.