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Could Jeremy Corbyn Pull off a British Upset?


Could Jeremy Corbyn Pull off a British Upset?

Phil Gasper

Can the British Labour Party pull off an astounding come-from-behind victory in the UK general election this Thursday?

The odds still favor Theresa May’s Conservatives (known as the Tories), emerging as the biggest party. But on April 18, when May called the surprise election, her party was over 20 points ahead in the polls, and looked to be heading towards a landslide win.


we need this one badly. with the neoliberals winning both Holland and France, the momentum generated by populist uprisings in the Euro-South has been blunted.

A Corbyn win would put the financier overlords back on their heels where they belong.


Wish there was more talk about the funneling of money into tax havens (in Swiss, Luxembourg, BVIs, Cayman, etc.) to avoid paying taxes and how billions of pounds could then be used (http://gabriel-zucman.eu/hidden-wealth/).


538 had a great analysis of the polls. Basically, it's anybody's guess what will happen and there's just as much reason to be skeptical of a Labour surprise as not. Labor could get trashed or sneak enough wins in to keep the conservatives from forming a government outright. Just like in this country, if more youth voted, that'd make a big difference.


He's on the case:

Unlike the Tories whose members had money squirrelled away in them.


"But brimming with overconfidence, May has run a terrible campaign." Lot of that going around these days.


Remind you of anyone?   About the only positive things I can think of regarding Donald Trump are:
  1) At least he kept America's answer to Marie Antoinette and her neoliberal stooges out of office.
  2) He has awakened a sleeping giant of opposition to his cabal of corruption.

The situation here is similar to that in Britain, but whether the RePooplican's control of a majority of state legis- latures – and hence gerrymandering & voter suppression – will enable them to hang on in 2018 remains to be seen (assuming that the DamnocRats will wake up and return to their populist roots, of course).