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'Could Mean a Huge Gap in Payments': Memo Warns GOP Unemployment Benefit Formula Would Take Months to Implement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/27/could-mean-huge-gap-payments-memo-warns-gop-unemployment-benefit-formula-would-take

No way on earth, Mitch has sufficient functioning brain cells to concoct something this devious? Munchkin just must’ve hired someone from McKinsey? Back to WORK, Boomers! Republican lizard brains sure make sickening noises in use?






The fascists plan is becoming more clear every day. They now have almost everything they first dreamed about since the ink dried on Lewis Powell’s memo. The military is the preeminent American institution. A surveillance state has been fully implemented. There is almost no corporate income tax. The regulatory bodies that watch over those corporations have been all but eliminated. The police are now paramilitaries. The education system for the poor and middle class has been underfunded, mismanaged, and sold off to the lowest bidder. Abortion is illegal or impossible in most states. As is voting for poor people and people of color. The prisons are full. The border has been militarized. America is now looked upon internationally not with envy, but with scorn. The nations infrastructure is collapsing, as maintenance is undone, and repairs after storms are underfunded and ignored. America is becoming Balkanized by hate groups and various other christo-fascist institutions.
The Koch brothers plan was to destroy Americans confidence in their government and all other collective institutions (except churches). And their plan, unlike the fascists of the 1930’s, was to establish fascism without firing a shot. The people had to accept fascism as a viable alternative to the Republic.
Oh, and while this great American debacle plays out, the earth is now warming out of control.


In a great big nutshell, BigB. Bingo.


It’s sort’ve like they’ve realized Shock Doctrine is a COOK book, and are busy changing our atmosphere into THEIR atmosphere, chilling their artesian gelato and our hastily intubated bodies with leaky radioactive fracked methane? ~https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vZm7YmjJKL4 ~https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1V-4JHT2q3w

The border patrol is a clear threat to US civilian government and society, is now deployed in Portland against American citizens exercising their constitutional rights to speak - to protest, and THAT is a treason and threat to our republic that cannot - must not - be ignored or tolerated!
ALL the money spent on trumps secret police must be defunded - disbanded - as a clear and present danger to civilian rule and government
This linked piece details the use of border goons in Portland - an overview of border forces.
“Border patrol has always seen itself as a militarized force", now enabled by the trump regime. to repress and silence Americans. A jobs program and theft for the most depraved playing at being soldiers!

"The Bush administration drastically expanded the border patrol, almost doubling the number of agents to its current 20,000 and boosting its budget from $1.5bn in 2006 towards the $5bn it is today. “there is “a culture of cruelty towards migrants and border crossers that dehumanizes and demeans them” man woman and child!
The CBP now prides itself as being what it calls “one of the world’s largest law enforcement organizations” - Bortac are neo-nazi goons subverting our civilian nation and supported by administrations of both parties and politicians who have remained silent - a treasonous silence!!
Silence IS complicity!

~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/27/trump-border-patrol-troops-portland-bortac MUST READ!

" Bortac Operates largely in secret, agents trained for Swat-style raids on organized gangs smuggling immigrants or drugs across the US border. They have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in many Latin American countries".
Bortac is now in Portland, brutalizing citizens and wasting billions that should be going to civilian needs! - part of the vast fascist militarization of America by traitors!

trump dispatched Bortac into the US interior to work alongside Ice immigration officers in apprehending undocumented immigrants in Democratically-controlled “sanctuary cities”


I’d like to see how they figure giving tens of millions of unemployed $200. a week is only going to cost 3.5 million more jobs lost over the next year. You’re not going to pay rent with $200. a week, and eat. You’re not going to be able to make car payments, buy gasoline and maintain a vehicle, and eat. Either the GOP is really stupid, or they are trying to usher in chaos. I vote the latter.


We have super computors.
We do have workers earnings in the social security data base and in the states pension systems data bases.
It is not difficult to temporarily over ride the states antiquated software, bring in all their unemployed who are already audited and approved.

Now we can easily calculate the 70% for those workers with 2, 3 or more years of earnings.
This leaves two groups requiring special attentions.
The first are hard working, low wage workers. They have to have enough to live on. This will be more than 70% for way too many.
The second group are our young peoples who do not have enough quarters of earnings to easily qualify them. Special rules may be needed to assist them

We also have to be cautious for family businesses who are closed and cannot re-open. I really do not know how to approve the children and grandchildren if the business did not pay into the states unemployment fund.

H1B1 employer sponsored immigrants should be easily qualified but again, thousands are young and have not been here long enough to qualify. Their employer may be tasked to help out in these cases.

There is no need for gap. Government in DC is playing chicken. Re’s nad De’s sacrificing the well being of regular americans so they can leak, point fingers and do nothing.

The bastards!!


…and the phony Opposition Party has worked hand in hand with the Fascists to make it all happen


The grim reaper has been the architect of everything that could possibly hurt workers for thirty years. He is an abomination. He has no conscience. He has no soul. He isn’t human.


And Puerto Rican’s still are using tarps for roofs.


Of course there will be a delay, they need to see more pain and suffering.

The ‘conservative’ brain has a hard-wired NEED to see others hurt, and hurting. It makes them feel better about themselves.
They can’t help it, it is what they are. It’s up to the rest of us to understand that and start acting accordingly. Our survival, humankind’s survival, the survival of the Planet require it.


Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

  • Frederick Douglass


When Fredrick Douglas went to work as a caulker in a shipyard in Baltimore, and worked besides white wage workers, he wrote about the resentment of white workers towards the black slaves:

“In the country, this conflict is not so apparent; but, in cities, such as Baltimore, Richmond, New Orleans, Mobile etc; it is seen pretty clearly. The slave-holder with a craftiness peculiar to themselves, by encouraging the enmity of the poor, labouring white men against the blacks, succeeds in making the said white men almost as much a slave as the black slave himself. The difference between the white slave, and the black slave, is this: the latter belongs to ONE slave-holder, and the former belongs to ALL the slave-holders, collectively. The white slave has taken from his, by indirection, what the black slave had taken from him, directly, and without ceremony. Both are plundered, and by the same plunderers.” -

  • Fredrick Douglas

If you’ve read The Shock Doctrine and didn’t think it wouldn’t and wasn’t happening here, well, then you didn’t get the message. They will stop at nothing.


I think they don’t give a damned.


Probably true. The question is, why?
We’re on a path to destroy an environment in which Humans can survive - them too.


Well, for us white trash jagoffs, it’s been death’s o’ disparity for well over 40… I’m embarassed to whine in front of any Black, Latinx, Native WOMEN, however? When 130K folks lost mostly union jobs in my town; lots of them had voted the Racist Gipper in, “to put the -------s in their place!” We weren’t even welcome into the foodbanks we volunteered (and started community gardens, CSA, food buying clubs & food gleaning coops to supply?) We’ve fallen, and we can’t get up. Our duopoly WANTS us all down, scared & at each other’s throats (it’s worked pretty well, for 400 years?)






I say the former is ushering in the latter. The GOP, in its greed and stupidity, has effectively destroyed our economy.


I wouldn’t put too much faith in those “super computers” at the IRS or the Social Security Administration. When the government sent my mother her $1200 check, it also sent one to her late husband who died in February of 2018.


Yup, that one is pretty clear. If the government shows that they don’t care about you, odds are you will eventually stop caring about them.

Thanks for mentioning Powell’s influential memorandum on the need for corporations to be aggressively involved in politics to protect capitalism - for which he was awarded a Supreme Court seat by Nixon. The original memo can be found at ~https://d1uu3oy1fdfoio.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Lewis-Powell-Memo.pdf and I recommend the discussions of it at ~https://billmoyers.com/content/the-powell-memo-a-call-to-arms-for-corporations/ and at ~https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/greenpeace-analyzes-the-lewis-powell-memo-corporate-blueprint-to-dominate-democracy/
Powell consistently argued for corporate rights - including a corporate right to free speech during his time on the court. He couldn’t push the court that far right during his tenure on the latter issue - but of course it became the majority opinion during the Roberts Court with Citizens United.