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Could Netanyahu Win Actually Spell Victory for Palestinians?


Could Netanyahu Win Actually Spell Victory for Palestinians?

Jon Queally, staff writer

Is the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier week the best thing that could happen to Palestinians and other who seek a just and peaceful end to Israeli apartheid, the occupation of the West Bank, the blockade of the Gaza Strip, and the overall conflict between Israel and a stateless Palestine?

Though he acknowledged it may seem "counterintuitive," the answer from Palestinian rights activist Yousef Munayyer, is—even if regrettably—'Yes.'


What did the Jews learn from their persecution? They learned they must have for the preservation of their own ethnic identidy, a state if their own. They learned that if the price for establishment of that state means the denial of that aspiration to others then warfare is justified, even sanctioned by their God. They have learned the wrong lesson but they have learned it so well, have so put their hopes on maintenance of a state by oppression of others that they have become the image of their oppresors. The more religious they become, the more blinded they are to their own self righteousness and cruelty. The most right wing, the most religious of the Jews call for Blood letting, for extermination of 4 million Palestinians. Then there would be peace. I’m sure the Nazis felt the same way. extermination of the Jews as a way to protect the fatherland. Netanyahu has a middling answer, extermination-yes, but little by little and blame this on the intransigence of the Palestinians. It’s a formula that has worked so far but Netanyahu may have overplayed his hand. The real racism and intent to exterminate the Palestinians is too blatant for his facade to hold much longer. Israel will become a pariah nation and eventually even the right wing support from this nation will crumble just as happened to South Africa.


Well, as long as we keep putting folks in office who suck up to AIPAC - don’t count on us cutting aid to Israel - methinks that is why Bibi is so open about his agenda - he feels quite confident, after his little jaunt on Capitol Hill and all that applause, that there is no crime Israel could commit, no matter how heinous, that would result in loss of US aid …


The article does not stress the point but it’s obvious to me that any meaningful response to Netanyahu’s racism must come from other nations.



It is important that we expose Congressman like Tom Wood, as foreign agents, funded and loyal to a foreign power. People are more open to questioning blind loyalty to Israel than ever before thanks to the traitorous action of 47 in Congress acting against our country in the interest of a foreign power. We need to push the idea of purging our government of foreign agents (and those more loyal to particular corporations and financial institutions as well).


Excellent Post. Who are the 47 traitors? Could someone please print a list of their names?

While I think the whole thing’s a melodramatic circus, just like the non-existant terrorist threat (except the ones fabricated by Alphabet Agencies to argue for bigger budgets) there’s just no excuse for this blatant attempt to hijack our government in broad daylight by AIPAC.

Meanwhile, everyone boycott McDucks, Big-Buck’s Coffee, and Tom and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Hit the Israelis where it hurts: the bottom line.


So now everybody knows that the Palestinians never had a partner for peace, and that it was always the Israelis who were the aggressors. They also now know that there never was anybody acting as an honest broker in the negotiations.

This has of course been obvious to anybody who has been following this conflict through the years.

If the US has finally had enough of being played for a fool, then they will withdraw all support for Israel and press for the myriad UN resolutions to be activated, and begin compiling war crime cases against — well Israel in general, as they claim that all Israelis are, or have been in the military.

The hangman aught to be kept really busy!


No. Not quite right. To put it mildly. The Jews beat the Palestinians and several Arab nations in a war of conquest the latter were supposed to win. They didn’t. And losing a war of aggression has consequences - for the losers, of a not very pleasant nature. If they don’t have to pay reparations, nevertheless, the winner takes all.

Incredibly, the Jews gave back parts of the territory they had won, and still the Palestinians fire rockets at Israel and send over terrorist murderers. I don’t doubt the Palestinians live under appallingly restrictive conditions, but not because of the malice of the Israeli leaders, but because of the would-be, genocidal sh*t -stirring of their real enemies - the anti-Semitistan diaspora !

The real oppressors and killers of the Palestinians are the incorrigibly anti-Semitic, ‘international community’, and their oil-rich, Arab sponsors; puppeteers who use the Palestinians as proxy troops in lieu of their own armies, financing the terrorists, who do quite nicely out of it all, and diverting them elsewhere. A kind of anticipatory protection-money. Shame on you all for blaming the Israelis.


Not sure where you are getting your information from, but under international law it is illegal to appropriate land taken in war. As it is illegal to colonise the land taken, illegal to exploit its resources.

Retaining control beyond a ceasefire is also illegal.

While in occupation the occupier has an obligation to protect those it occupies.

Oh, and Israel has always been the aggressor.


What nonsense. Israel has always been the aggressor! What fun to take on all those Arab nations as well as the fifth column in your own country.


“The Arabs were prepared to compromise to avoid bloodshed.”


As the partition vote approached, it became clear little hope existed for a political solution to a problem that transcended politics: the Arabs’ unwillingness to accept a Jewish state in Palestine and the refusal of the Zionists to settle for anything less. The implacability of the Arabs was evident when Jewish Agency representatives David Horowitz and Abba Eban made a last-ditch effort to reach a compromise in a meeting with Arab League Secretary Azzam Pasha on September 16, 1947. Pasha told them bluntly:

    The Arab world is not in a compromising mood. It’s likely, Mr. Horowitz, that your plan is rational and logical, but the fate of nations is not decided by rational logic. Nations never concede; they fight. You won’t get anything by peaceful means or compromise. You can, perhaps, get something, but only by the force of your arms. We shall try to defeat you. I am not sure we’ll succeed, but we’ll try. We were able to drive out the Crusaders, but on the other hand we lost Spain and Persia. It may be that we shall lose Palestine. But it’s too late to talk of peaceful solutions. 8

Google: ‘Jewish Virtual Library’, and read it, with particular reference to Myths and Facts re the 6-day war.


Good idea! A search on “47 traitors” got the list:


By what right of invasion were the European Ashkenai invaders doing there in the first place? Aren’t invaders with open intent of conquest and seizing their own state from the indigenous Semites always the aggressors?

Kind of you to try to smear Zionist propaganda over our eyes. There is too much history honestly and cleanly available to that, such William R. Polk’s The Battle For Palestine, very easy to read and free on the Internet.


Oh, puhleeze. Try reading something other than Israeli propaganda. Read Israeli historian Ilan Pappe’s “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” for starters.
Re: the 6 day war, even the US-based Anti Defamation League, a propaganda arm for the Israeli regime, has stated that Israel launched a preemptive strike against Egypt. And in 1982, fifteen years after the war, right wing extremist Menachem Begin exposed the falsity of the “retaliation” claims, saying: "We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him (Egyptian President Nasser). And 10 years before that, Israeli Gen. Matti Peled, one of the commanders in the 6 day war, told Ha’aretz, “The thesis that the danger of genocide was hanging over us in June 1967 and that Israel was fighting for its physical existence is only a bluff which was born and developed after the war.”

Expand your horizons and quit swallowing Israeli propaganda whole. I’d also recommend reading Max Blumenthal’s “Goliath” for a look at the more modern day crimes of the Israeli government (and their amoral US backers).


Why do you refer to “Jews” when what you mean is Zionists or reactionary Israelis?

Not all Jews are Zionists, let alone Israelis.

I’m a Jew, and since 1968 and reading 47 books on the subject, I’ve become an anti-Zionist. Why? Because Zionism is racism. That’s the dark, deep truth of the matter. The victims have become the victimizers. It’s an old story, one I wish the human being didn’t have to repeat so often, if ever again.

When you use the word “Jew” you create anti-Jews or anti-Semites.

Israel AND the U.S. are currently being controlled by very bad people. It’s a bad time for the Earth.

As a dear friend and wise scholar on the Middle East wrote me yesterday:
“This is a time that the earliest Jewish critics of Zionism predicted would arrive, when Jews have to choose between loyalty to the Tribe as represented by the Jewish state and the countries of their citizenship and I can assure you that the largely liberal leaders of the Jewish community in the US are shitting in their pants and well they should since, insh’allah, they may soon reap what they have sown. What most American Jews don’t know is that their Israeli cousins don’t give a shit about them, considering them at best, “checkbook Zionists,” and, of course, they don’t give a shit about the rest of their fellow humans, (but that we know). This election in Israel tells me what I already knew about the majority of Israeli Jews, they rushed to vote for Netanyahu when he warned them that Israel’s Arab citizens were rushing to the polls and he did so, using military terminology. For me, this was equivalent to the Germans electing Hitler, although the Israelis had more info on their candidate. This is not to say that Bibi is like Hitler (although he hasn’t reached his limits yet) but that he represents the same racist evils as did Der Fuehrer, along he physically reminds me more of Il Duce.”

I have never been for a two-state solution. A Jewish, Christian, or Islamic state will also have second-class citizens.



I think your post makes a lot of sense; it gave me a lump in my throat at the same time a small feeling of relief. While I oppose the MIC and am a pacifist, the Israel and ME issues—therefore geo-political volatility, nefarious intentions, greed—have not been my primary focus of real or virtual activism. If you had to narrow your reading sources down to one or two excellent primers or analyses, what would you recommend?


Well, if you haven’t read the two books mentioned below—one by Miko Peled (easy-going, even charming, honest), the other by Max Blumenthal (hard-hitting, difficult for denialists), then start with those.

Otherwise, you might like the videos my partner in video crime, Paul Edwards, and I are making. Blumenthal has sent us kudos. You’ll find them here (www.youtube.com/classwarfilms). If you do, start with our foundational video, “Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine”.

Sounds like you’re after the truth, no matter where it leads.

If you find anything extraordinary, or want to comment on CWF videos, please do.

Lanny Cotler
Willits, CA


Oh, that is awesome! Thank you for your guidance. TW


Lanny, accusations of dual loyalties are one of many antisemitic tropes your friend subscribes to, along with comparing Jews to Hitler and dehumanizing Jews by saying we care about no other human beings.

Likud got 1/4 of the vote. A majority? I think not. The problem is that you and so many others don’t stand for the Palestinians. You simply stand against Israel. Of course Israelis have moved to the right. People like you pushed them there. BDS is against peace and reconciliation. BDS is against brotherhood and normalization. BDS is pro war leftism.

I’m sure among those numerous books you’ve read are a few by Said and Chomsky and Blumenthal, but how many are by Dershowitz?


There is nothing antisemitic about questioning dual loyalties, particularly after the recent shemozzle brought on by Netanyahu’s appearance in the Senate. Incidently giving credence to the perceived ‘it is all about us’ pushiness of the Jews. US citizens ought to be really questioning where the loyalty of those supporting him lie.

Comparing Israeli Jews to Hitler is, I think more than a little unfair — to Hitler.

‘dehumanizing Jews by saying we care about no other human beings.’

If you can indicate any situation where Israeli Jew’s collectively, have shown any concern for the rights, or even for the simple humanity of not slaughtering the unarmed, the defenceless, then you ought to publicising it far and wide. It really would be news.

BDS is none of those things of which you accuse it, but merely an effort to have Israel comply with human decency, a chance to do it on your own rather than waiting for the rest of the world to sicken of Israel’s behaviour and do it for you.

‘I’m sure among those numerous books you’ve read are a few by Said and Chomsky and Blumenthal, but how many are by Dershowitz?’

Alan Dershowitz? He of ‘The Case for Israel’ fame? The totally discredited, utterly deluded apologist, the only reason that anybody would plough through his narrative is to understand just how threadbare is any claim that the Jews make to any square inch of the land upon which they squat?

Better by far to read Norman G, Finkelstein’s ‘Beyond Chutzpah’ in which he destroys Dershowitz’s delusions line by line, or ‘The Case Against Israel’ by Michael Neumann.

Add some writings from Ilan Pappe, Shlomo Sand, Jacqueline Rose, Gershom Gorenberg, or ‘For A Palestinian’ a memorial to Wael Zauiter, . One of the eleven Palestinians murdered in Europe by Israelis during 1972.
edited by Janet Venn-Brow. You will only find this second hand


Well, Peter, your true colors do shine through. I would call your words a perfect example of prejudice. Should I point out that the dark hatred of saying that Jews are worse than Hitler is like saying that black people are worse than slavers? Should I point out the Palestinians receiving free medical care in Israeli hospitals or the quick responses Israel has to disaster relief? Perhaps you will accuse Israel and the Jews of medicine washing or aid washing, where every good deed is simply a bit of PR. I see your hatred, Peter. I see it like I saw the swastikas drawn on my neighbors driveway. I hear it like I heard my landlord who confessed to me that it was always the Jews who paid him late.