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Could Republican Majority Repeal the Endangered Species Act?


Could Republican Majority Repeal the Endangered Species Act?

Nika Knight, staff writer

Endangered species in the United States are facing a newly powerful enemy: a Republican Congressional majority backed by a Trump administration and a likely right-leaning Supreme Court.


Make no mistake, republicans would kill us all for a buck.


Repealing the Endangered Species Act must be stopped and if more isn't done to fight climate change perhaps half of all species will be endangered during this century. Because the conservative economic ideology does not take into account ecosystems it is a fatally flawed ideology. Yet, the right winger continue to try to prop it up as they mindlessly steer society into collisions with nature. How do you stop a political party that is on a suicidal course and refuses to acknowledge it? Apparently the voters are not to the task. It simply does not look good for what will take place in the years ahead.


We are all endangered species thanks to a critical mass of humans who are anthropocentric, sociopathic, narcissistic---behaviors which Trump et al embody so starkly:

Stephen Chu states in video link at bottom of this post something everyone should know. Due to high levels of co2/methane already released by humans(and growing) “the shit will the fan”. Yes, these are his words.

In just a few years the message from media, scientific community has gone from (my paraphrasing):

“Humans need to curb co2 (there might be problems down the road)----350 ppm is the limit but by golly we can do this!”

“Humans must limit warming to 1.5 C ---if the earth warms more than that, there might be some serious problems (way down the road, of course), but we’ll get together in Paris and figure it out!”

And now----today---- in what seems like the blink of an eye, we have voices from the scientific community, a few brave politicians and some (albeit limited and heavily edited) voices from the media saying the following:
(note what Stephen Chu states at the end of the brief clip below----he was asked to censor himself)

Humans have blasted past 350. The atmosphere is now at 490 ppm---and the likelihood of going over 500 is a certainty---there is a high probability of going over 600 ppm.

We have left the perfect goldilocks zone behind forever and blown far past 350. We are now in unchartered territory for homo un sapiens:

The atmosphere is locked into at least 2 c warming: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2016/aug/15/climate-urgency-weve-locked-in-more-global-warming-than-people-realize

And now, in an almost la de da tone: "BTW people, for life to survive on earth we need to de-acidify the oceans and scrub co2 out of the atmosphere":


To fully realize this dire reality one must either accept:

a. geo-engineering (I can’t)
b. massive die off of most life on earth which most likely will include homo (un) sapiens (though there are a few exceptions of humans with wisdom)

With all this information available at anyone’s fingertips, the u.s. has allowed Trump to become president and throw gas on the fire of an overheated planet.

On the ground report of bizarre weather: Here in the midwest there have been gale warnings on a daily basis, very few birds, wind/ice/snow/sleet damage in Wisconsin on Christmas-------relentless wind gusts of 30-40 mph more often than not . . .

The movies Melancholia, Day After Tomorrow, Snowpiercer are looking less and less like sci fi movies.


And we had an inch of rain here in St. Paul, Minnesota on Christmas day with thunderstorms. If you haven't read the book "The Road" or watched the movie, watch it. It will scare the be-jeebers out of you. We are pretty much cooked....


There is only one god. And it's name is $$$$. In god we trust.


And now this---at least they are specific with logistical suggestions for how to deal with this catastrophe:


Hi pilot,
My very good friend lives in St. Paul and I was in NW Wisconsin during that rain/ice/snow/wind event with thunder mixed in. Ice coated the downed trees from the bizarre/intense wind storms that occurred during the summer.
It looks like a disaster zone there----and that is not an exaggeration.

I try not to self medicate, but indulged in a brandy manhattan(upped it from the Wisconsin brandy old fashioned) on x-mas day as the ice pummeled the house, the land, the lakes . . . tasted good, had a warm, cherry sweetened numbing effect that didn't last long. Temporary relief. Then back to reality.

I've avoided The Road----probably because of what you say above.
Got a copy of it but can't bring myself to read it. I think that is my denial----still have a bit of denial that things could (will?) get that bad even though the evidence is mounting that it will.


Then they'd kill the buck. :wink:


Conservatives are nature's way of killing us off.


While you are watching, watch the movie Threads. It shows yet another problem that is once again being pushed.
* It was made in 1984. A British "made for television" film.
* Of course it is "unavailable" on Youtube, but if you google it, it is available on line.
* Our new reichskanzler and his Nazi cabinet seem to be pushing us, and the world, in this direction, too. Higher profits, I guess.


I hear you when it comes to self-medicating. Ha! For me, it's red wine. If you can ever bring yourself to watch/read the road... you will find it riveting. What do rat's eat when their ship is sinking? Each other? Humans are no different and the book/movie portrayed the same fate. Eat or be eaten! Terrifying!!!! With no habitat to grow food, the human population will be in a world of hurt in the very near term. Stay warm up there!


After I wrote my above reply, I looked for Threads, found it and watched it again. Last time I saw it was quite a few years ago.
* It is a disturbing film. The Brits did a much more realistic treatment than the US did in The Day After.
* Definitely a good anti-war film.


"allowed Trump to become president"
....We haven't done that yet.
The Electoral College were derelict in their constitutional duty. It's clear to every intelligent American that Trump is not qualified to represent the USA and he won no public mandate to be president. Anyone who thinks he is or did, is either willfully ignorant, a liar, or non compus mentis (sp). We need to challenge the Electoral College votes from a federal perspective NOW.
I'd like to know what those who consider themselves intellectually elite are thinking. Responsibly intelligent citizens should be looking for ethical and legitimate escape routes out of this miasma. Standing around waiting for brilliant new campaign strategies in 2018 and subsequent elections is the same as dancing to Nero's fiddle-playing while Rome burns. Voter supression and gerrymandering need to be STOPPED RIGHT NOW if there's any hope of campaign strategies stopping this runaway train. I don't see that as realistic and every election compounds the mess.
Ultra conservatives have abandoned whatever shred of patriotism and ethical public spirit they once had. Corporatists own them and want us to abandon all hope we might have ever had of being a sovereign democratic populace. We are the people. The government is ours. Our representatives are our employees. They do not work on commission for corporatists. We need to remind them of that. Governments are created for the benefit of the populace, not for corporatists. Rub their noses in it. That's what they've been doing to us with their subverted misquotations of Adam Smith's economic wisdom for nearly 4 decades now.


They're criminals. Purely and simply. It's as plain as the nose on their faces. But they know they will never be charged and convicted of mass murder. Their buddies in government aided and abedded their crimes. We, their employers, are expendable and the monied and high elected officials are not answerable to us because.......fill in the blank......I can't. It's too painful to face the fact that WE THE PEOPLE are mere pawns for whom only a few public officials bother to use their position to redress our grievances. What's true is that the USA is a 250 year old Ponzie Scheme that Early American business people threw together and propped up with a lot of Yankee Doodle Dandee hype. They got away with it. Are we going to make them own up to their exploiting US? When?
The USA is a great idea, but it still is not a dream come true. Not even close. Every once in a while we approach the possibility....What're the chances of an actual ETA?


The best scenes in Melancholia were very very good. Kiefer Sutherland's know-it-all character confidently denied that the end of the world was near. His disregard for science was irrational, and he committed suicide when he could no longer hide behind self-delusion. Coward! Such people are the major threat to human survival, and the USA is full of them.


This is a perfect example of corporate control of persons who are too lazy to study the facts and lack the ability of critical thinking. $$$ signs do their thinking for them. When they have destroyed the planet and all life they are going to have a difficult time finding a place where their ill-gotten gains will be accepted. There must be some Republicans left who have the foresight to realize that they are on the wrong side of history and that they are hell bent on not only destroying the only place we can call home but they are not leaving anything for their heirs. Their grandfathers and great grandfather would be deeply ashamed of each and every one of them for selling out their country for profit.