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Could Third Party Candidates Prove Clinton's Achilles Heel?


Could Third Party Candidates Prove Clinton's Achilles Heel?

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Here's the good news for Hillary Clinton: Three new polls this week show the Democratic presidential nominee strengthening her lead over Republican rival Donald Trump.


Further backing that up, a new “unbiased for the people” survey found that the majority of the 1- to 110-year-olds polled have a negative view of both Clinton and Trump.


Utterly pointless blathering. All those “changes” are within margins of error (of a not very exacting “science” in the first place). So… the more candidates available to choose from, the less proportion each of the two major parties gets? And each major party candidate gets slightly diminished results? A more useful “analysis” might revolve around the question “If We make it easier For Third Party candidates to Get on the Damn Ballot, Could They prove the Achilles Heel of the Corporate Duopoly?”


I think HRC’s achilles heel is the lie that Trump is so evil that her evil is the only alternative. Hell, even Bernie sold out because of that specious narrative!


What % of 18 to 30 year olds did they poll?


Nader’s 2000 candidacy gave the Democratic Party a built in excuse for not rectifying the stolen Florida election.

Most voters don’t give much thought to the election until after Labor Day, so current polls mean little.


Since the Libertarian Party is running two former Republican governors I am somewhat surprised that Clinton seems to lose more votes than Trump when the third party candidates are included. What is most interesting is Johnson is close to getting included in the debates. And as more Republicans abandon Trump and chose Johnson instead he just might make it. In fact, if Trump does not show up for the debates, which might be actually might be smart since he is so ignorant about the issues, the debates could turn out to be Clinton vs Johnson. Right now Clinton is so far ahead in the polls that the third party candidates cannot affect the outcome unless the race gets much closer. Generally things tighten toward election day so I don’t believe that Trump; has no realistic chance. Also, outside events can radically change things.


Let’s hope they sink her, and then we can hit the streets where those frightened little ones can exercise their true democratic principles, and if they don’t, well, to paraphrase the other proto-fascist in this race, “Shut up and sit down” because they will support Killary out of fear or just loathing, but have no principles.


Vote your conscience. Pure and simple. Vote your conscience.


The Hillary campaign is very worried about Jill Stein of the Green Party, since that is where many of Bernie’s supporters have gone.

On facebook and in comments sections on the internet, the pro-Hillary trolls are out in force. The Hillary PAC “Correct the Record,” which has more than $6,000,000 to pay people to troll for Hillary, organizes the talking points.

The message is always FEAR FEAR FEAR Trump, Hillary is not as bad as Trump, with variations thrown in.

This week, I’ve noticed two variations. The first is that we must have a third party in the U.S., but not now (FEAR FEAR FEAR), so hold your nose and vote for Hillary. The second is that Bernie was awesome, let’s support him by writing him in.

Since in most states, write-in votes won’t be counted or recorded, this appears to be a strategy for discouraging progressive voters from voting for Jill Stein and thus helping to build the Green Party.


“So it’s not just young voters with a distaste for the leading candidates, as previous polls have shown. Indeed, as the Fox News poll shows, more voters view both Clinton and Trump as unfavorable than favorable.”

  • Modern politics, with a corporate owned and controlled duopoly (D ‘n’ R Inc.) places We the People in a pretty untenable situation. There was an old joke that pretty well sums it up.
  • “If you were standing up to your neck in a cesspool and somebody threw a bucket of puke at you, would you duck?”
  • Every four years, for the past two decades. we are faced with that choice. Perhaps now, enough people are recognizing that fact and will perhaps use the workable solution.
  • "Climb out of the cesspool, take a shower, then get to work!" I think we could do it and this might be the time! This fraudulent campaign has really been a wake up call. Let’s all stay awake and get to work on it!


It is highly unlikely, that any 3rd party representation will take the presidency from Clinton.
Hillary will be the next POTUS, no matter if you vote for her or Jill.
Clinton will have the whole Dem. establishment plus most of the GOP establishment, - since her (true) agenda is practically taken right out of the GOP manifesto, - backing her in November. Combine that with the influence of the industrial overlords of both parties, who also own the corporate media and you have a force which will overwhelm Trump.

A vote for Jill will not get her the presidency, but will make a statement for the progressive cause and ultimately support Bernie in his quest to get the concessions, he won from the party establishment, confirmed in law.


The electoral process works like our oligarch forefathers designed it and refined through the years.


As it stands now - Trump flagging and corporate Republicans lining up behind Clinton - the Wicked Witch from The West should have no trouble taking the election, even without cheating!

So forget the meme “a vote for Stein is a vote for Trump” as ridiculous as it was in the first place.

On the other hand, one scenario that could upset the apple cart is either Stein or Johnson (preferably both) getting into the presidential debates by polling 15%.

That’s the only scenario sHillary and her corporate minions have to “fear”.

“Oh No! It’s the populists! The candidates in touch with the peoples’ anger at the OilyGarchs! What to do???”


You are singing my song!
Both conventions of the 2 parties under the oligarchic/corporate umbrella were covered ad nauseam, but the convention of the Green Party has so far been in deep freeze.


Clinton had the opportunity to defuse the fury of progressives many times and ways - she chose to ignore and show contempt for Bernie sanders, his supporters, our issues and every attempt to get her to commit to a progressive agenda and issues…even given her record and blood on her hands and who she has served throughout her career.

Now the die is cast, by their own hand, and millions will vote to support Jill Stein and our issues regardless the supposed consequences - when there is ZERO give from corporate/war-whore politicians, there will be no lesser-evil vote or capitulation by any who see the truth of who is using us as serfs, serving corporate domination, and despoiling/raping Mother Earth…


Agree 100%. thir convention is going on right now with many great speakers, making great points. It would help Bernie supporters not familiar with that party (myself included) to discover that the “entire” party is like Bernie but even better in terms of foreign policy. So voting Green in downballot tickets takes out the guess work with the Dems, is teh candidate a progressive or a corporatist? SteinBaraka2016!


I think Clinton’s achilles heel -----which will lead to her downfall---- is her trail of lies that will be revealed with the help of Wikileaks.

This is a deeply embedded personality characteristic she exhibits-----pathological lying. But----to make that a true weakness/achilles heel will require enough people to realize the truth of her character and strip away the power that she gained as a result of lies and manipulation.

My millennial daughter (we just finished discussing this article) thinks HC’s achilles heel is her low EQ (probably due to what Mark N. points out above in his diagnosis of her which I agree with!) I think one has to have the capacity for empathy to have a high EQ?


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“Could Third Party Candidates Prove Clinton’s Achilles Heel?”
Naw, she’ll just off them like she did Gaddafi: “We came. We saw. He died.” [cackle, cackle, cackle]!

It’s time for the Secret Service to protect Stein and Johnson …