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Could Trudeau’s “Wilful Self-Delusion” on Climate Rip Canada Apart?


Could Trudeau’s “Wilful Self-Delusion” on Climate Rip Canada Apart?

Andy Rowell

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of Canada? Is this really how the end of the nation state begins?

Will Canada’s current political tensions around Kinder Morgan’s controversial Trans Mountain pipeline become such huge irreconcilable constitutional fractures that eventually the crisis leads to the break-up of the country itself? You are not serious, are you?

Many would see the idea of the break-up of Canada completely and utterly far-fetched.


Stating the Governmnet of BC on the side of Indingenous rights and the Environment is giving them a bit too much credit. They still pursue a massive increase in fracking and are pursuing a massive LNG project on the Northern Coast which would be supplied by Natural Gas out of the Northeast section of BC.

They approved a massive expansion of Hydro on site C on the peace river (which many First nations tribes oppose) and as far as Indigenous rights go , the reason the First Nations peoples have so much more seeming power in BC is historically the Government of BC has refused to negotiate treaties with them.

There a couple of reasons they support LNG North while opposing Kinder Morgan. One is they are a Minority Government and only in power because they allied with the Green Party. The Greens have made it clear they do not want Kinder Morgan. If the BC Government appproved Kinder Morgan , the Government would collapse and elections would need to be called . Secondly the bulk of the Provinces population is here in the lower mainland and the people living here are opposed. The LNG project is in the far North which would bring in jobs to persons in that region and that region has a much lower population. Given they want to try and at least preserve their minority government and at best garner a majority governmnet in the next election they are trying to cater to the people in the Lower Mainland and the Norrth at the same time.


So in other words, it is completely unrelated to climate change. Isn’t this the position of the Alberta and Federal government? I guess we only care about the climate when we can see a pipeline terminal from Starbucks. Hmmm, save the concrete jungle of Vancouver but sacrifice the pristine wilderness of Northern BC. Now there is a rally cry

I have said from day one there was a patent dishonesty underlying the whole debate and frankly it emanates from the faux environmental movement . Lots of hyperbole and a decided lack of substance. One need only look at the fact that they have lost 17 court challenges in a row, the last ones being so poorly constructed that the court told the BC province to pay for Kidder Morgan’s legal expenses. Wouldn’t it also make sense that if you are against the pipeline, you shouldn’t be in court defending your right to receive royalties from that pipeline? As to Canada breaking up over the issue, this is pure fantasy; nobody is really that interested in the issue.


A loose association of the pacific states would be the third largest economy on Earth.

Yes, the pacific is run by approved elites from the upper class but that could change in the blink of an eye. Trudeau may dress like Harry Potter but he acts like a trumpster.

There are wealth crazed presidents and ministers in all of north America. How long until the entire pacific coast drops out of capitalist destruction and make a union dedicated to peace on Earth?


Attempting to secede would put the west coast states in the crosshairs of a Republican POTUS not unlike the Republican POTUS’ reaction in 1861 when southern states seceded.

Unlike Lincoln’s army’s muskets, Trump would lob the mother of all bombs (MOABs) on the west coast.

Despite his rhetorical disdain for California Trump knows that the US cannot afford to lose it just as Lincoln realized that the high probability of losing California to the Confederacy threatened to sink manifest destiny, the driving force behind Murkin exceptionalism then and now.


The transmountain pipeline is simply not an issue for the vast majority of Canadians. With the exception of a few social media mavens whose delusion of grandeur seems to know no bounds, literally no one is interested in this issue. The topic will be dead and buried by Friday.


Yeah, no, have to disagree, perhaps because my Facebook Feed is wall to wall pipeline issues and has been for two years. There are tens of thousands of BC activists/citizens ready to be arrested protesting and hindering this pipeline. We’ve seen the Mordor that Alberta has made out of their province and we will not have it here in Lotus Land. This issue will not cool down any time soon.


I can tell you people–especially the tribes–in Washington state are up in arms. Gov. Jay Inslee wrote an op-ed piece in the Seattle Times yesterday stating that opposition quite clearly. If, in fact, the pipeline is “not an issue for the vast majority of Canadians” then the vast majority of Canadians need to pull their heads out of their mooses’ asses.


Well I can tell you for certain that none of this is registering in Canada. Not a peep. If the Washington state natives are so concerned about the environment, how about ending the coal mining in your beautiful state and eliminating its export to Vancouver where it is shipped to China. You can’t miss this big beautiful pile of black death, it sits on the pier as you come in by ferry from Seattle.


Just look at the newspapers this morning and tell me what you see. Nearly nothing except plans for Trudeau to with the local native monitoring group and the chiefs who wants to buy a bigger equity stake in the pipeline. Doesn’t actually go with your narrative.


Fine. Whatever. Like it even fucking matters.