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Could Trump Presidency Close Down Washington?


Could Trump Presidency Close Down Washington?

Jeremy J. Stone

Donald Trump’s campaign for the nomination showed an intimidating style. He attaches ugly labels to those who compete with him — and then announces that the other guy “started it.”

His wife advised that Donald would “hit back 10 times harder to any attacks.” He, himself, talks of the “heavy price” that his opponents would pay if they dare to oppose.

He seems to be a smear artist and bully.

My personal experience with the Nixon administration suggests what life in Washington, D.C., might come to resemble if Donald Trump became president.


Trump is the 'what if' candidate in spades! We have no real idea of what Trump may do. He is not a politician but is an oligarch used to getting his way regardless of consensus. Many people are suggesting that Trump doesn't mean all the things that he says! Maybe not but what if he intends to do much worse but is playing it down for the election?

What if... Is hardly much of a guarantee for anything.


Trump financially hurt many people by declaring bankruptcy four times. If Trump is elected it will not be about the United States it will be about Trump. His policies often have no connection to American values. I would say he is the exact opposite of Martin O'Malley who based all his policies on American values. It certainly seems like a strong possibility that Trump would emulate Nixon and maybe even go further. All around the world it is easy for people to see that Trump must be defeated in November. Only here in the US in the midst of all this does it seem less clear. Trump neither has the experience nor personality traits to be trusted as president.


Effort to defeat Trump is diluted by the media's hourly reaffirmation that Clinton will be the only alternative to Trump. Until they believe their choice is not limited to having their left arm cut off if they vote Clinton, or their right arm cut off if they vote Trump, most Murkins are going to ignore the contest.

Stone offers NO solution at a time when anybody half way serious about beating Trump needs to push for Sanders being nominated.


Donald Trump is not running for President. He is running for Dictator. Within days of inauguration he would start dismantling democratic institutions as inconvenient, stupid, crazy, etc. If he can do so by intimidation, that would be simplest; where intimidation does not work, he will call in the goons (and deny he gave the orders). The excuses would be flimsy but that means nothing to him. Trump has no inclination, desire, or ability to be a "president". Don't kid yourself. The "Unitary Executive," a ploy under George W to usurp powers, will be tame compared to Trump's blunt fascism.


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Forgive me for being less than terrified of a Trump presidency. Would he really be that much worse than what's going on today? Right now, heroic Americans like Bradley Manning and Jeffrey Sterling are doing hard time for alerting the American people to official misdeeds. Assange and Edward Snowden are in hiding for fear of sharing a similar fate. I'd find it refreshing if a President Trump intimidated a corrupt Senator Sleeze into voting to reduce military spending.

I'm currently slogging my way through a biography of Robert Oppenheimer. The book sheds copious crocodile tears for his fate during the McCarthy period even though many around him had a harder time, including his own brother, Frank, who was probably a better physicist but became a rancher because he couldn't get a job in a physics department. Hounding of those considered undesirable or a danger to the ruling class continues to this day. The fact that the FBI building is named for J Edgar Hoover, perhaps the most important player in the 1950's purge of leftists from US civic life, says it all.

But as long as you're a "real person" and not just an ordinary American, and provided you don't rock the gravy train making the ruling class richer and more powerful, you're okay. At least as long as a ruling class sanctioned candidate like Hillary Clinton becomes president.


No matter how bad it is, it can always get worse.

This guy is definitely a step in our political devolution.


But a President Hillary Clinton would be a step away from devolution?

What needs to happen to turn things around is that a whole lot more Americans need to recognize that democracy can't be a spectator sport.

Actually, a President Sanders might be a step in the right direction, but he can hardly turn things around single-handed.



is more than likely true, but a Trump Presidency would be way, way worse,!


If Bernie actually gets to become President it will be precisely because he not alone.


It is actually quite simple, Trump will be acting in what he sees as his own interest, unfettered by any concerns for the interests of the country. Since his perception of his interests is pathologically driven, we can predict nothing about what he would do in any particular situation.


I think you apply a textbook style technical definition of the limitations of office and the checks and balances system. For example, the textbook definition (albeit enshrined in the constitution) of the power to declare war rests with Congress which is technically the case but it no longer does in actuality due to the War Powers act and the Patriot Act. It is not that we elect a king (I sure hope that is made clear to Trump who may come to have differing views on that subject) nor a dictator. It isn't really about unilateral control but then again ask yourself whether this election has been conducted on the up and up? It has been a rigged game which shouldn't happen according to the textbooks but has been happening.

One man one vote? Technically true but what happened in reality? In fact, the Dems superdelegates are a perverse subversion of that notion and in direct contravention of democracy (allowing a vested interest unelected elite the means to counter the public's choice). Trump has actually trumped the Repubs which is only good in the abstract because if the Repub party gets solidly behind a Trump presidency then we will have the worst of both worlds to contend with!

I think Trump is a wheeler and dealer and I don't see him as respecting either people's rights or traditions. Rounding up people is already legal but he may dramatically expand that. He may condition a supportive section of the public towards increasingly fascistic views towards immigrants and others based on religion and ethnicity. Those are anti-constitutional/anti-Bill of Rights views. I also question what a multibillionaire oligarch who is buying his election (shades of Caesar, verily!) will do when confronted by the limitations of democracy and by the opposition he may encounter either domestic or foreign.

No I don't expect a dictator. Just a step closer to one actually.


Right on!

But if that great event occurs, we can't just sit back. We need to help him implement good policies. Although I'm not a big fan of Obama, it's clear part of his ineffectiveness is that many Congresspeople seem to think their primary purpose is to ensure nothing he tries works, rather than to pass legislation. We need to demand that our legislators work for the good of the country and with the President. That involves keeping up with what's going on in Washington and how our Congressional representatives are voting. If they vote wrong, let them feel the Bern.


I agree. However, there is difference; she is socially pathological rather than mentally pathological. We can reasonably predict the horror show she would direct.


I think my country is going insane.
I'm voting for Bernie Sanders.
Climate Change is coming and we are diddling around with a Trump/Hillary election. I think we are insane.


Cheney is supporting Mr. Trump,

I wonder if Dick will offer to take Donald to go hunting Ducks?


Did I say that?

And, I wasn't talking about turning things around.

When the system won't allow any change, people start to go crazy. Then these kind of crude demagogic characters being to have appeal.

The left better get ready, 'cause we aren't.


"Exposing the Corporate Media Psych Op - Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders" posted on YouTube by Sane Progressive is a good analysis of the phenomena you describe. The video is hard to watch as it is a long, unedited, flow challenged rant, but it does nail the topic.