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Could Warren's New Bill Force 2016 Contenders to Tackle Too-Big-To-Fail Banks?


Could Warren's New Bill Force 2016 Contenders to Tackle Too-Big-To-Fail Banks?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a move explicitly aimed at reining in risky Wall Street excess, a bipartisan group of lawmakers led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday introduced what they call a "21st Century Glass-Steagall Act" that would restore the wall of separation between investment and commercial banking.


It is quite clear how banksters treat the people in their debt.


Hillary’s positition is the same as when it was all happening. Bill started the ball rolling and through the bail outs of Bush and Obama, Hillary has been Hillary. Why is there any doubt about where she stands? Maybe some people expect Hillary to fight the corporate government that she has long been a part of but it sure seems unlikely considering she hasn’t done so before. Hillary is old guard mainstream status quo. Only her gender in the WH would be something new… not her positions.


We need a referendum on this Bill.


Plus her daughter is married to Wall Street and so goes her granddaughter.


No problem. Chuck Shumer and Mitch McConnell will call that one to a vote so the bipartisan majority can put it behind them before the election, to protect Hillary and Jeb. And, of course, the US Government as Wall Street’s favorite “investment vehicle du jour.”


Just as important is that the bank regulators are a bunch of panty-waists,* who never see messes coming and act badly because the problem is too big for them. One advantage of ‘Too big to fail = too big to exist’ thinking is that smaller banks would be a size that regulators could handle.

[*= And in this easily-offended age, apologies towards excellent persons who really wear panties…


thank you Sen warren for this bill and your public position regarding TPP.
please keep in mind my fellow americans, that the banking system is very close to imploding world wide thanks to their unhampered greed.in the past taxpayers,mostly poor and middle class, have paid for this selfishness.

now the worldwide financial system is so corrupted and rotted by these risky “investments” (read:gambling) that more than a few knowledgeable people fear the next crisis will bring the whole house of cards down. this time, countries with their over extended (mostly military)budgets and heavy deficits (you may be shocked to know how many there are besides us) may not want to or be able to absorb ANOTHER banking/wall st. led crisis ( i still havent gotten over Neal+Jeb Bushes Savings and Loan taxpayer bailout-thank god daddy was prez.eh Jebbie?). These people have raised concerns over what might govts reactions be - will they mimic Cyprus + Greece (real world examples)? how many think it will go well for the 99% ? we are guessing here,but we know banking history and govt policies and it doesnt look good for 99.9% of us.