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Count All Lives Taken By Drone War, Not Just Western Ones: Human Rights Groups


Count All Lives Taken By Drone War, Not Just Western Ones: Human Rights Groups

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

All innocent victims of U.S. drone strikes and assassinations deserve to be acknowledged by the government that carried out their killing—not just citizens of western nations—human rights organizations charged (pdf) in an open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama released on Wednesday.


Gee, he looks like a White man. How did it happen that members of his family are being killed? Aren’t our drones and bombs reserved for non-Whites?


Pretty sad that we have to “beg” and “plead” for people to treat other human beings like human beings. What a d–n shame.


Just like young male, poor, black lives do not matter in the US because the police are exonerated over and over again, Muslim lives do not matter in foreign countries and the drone, murderous abomination of Obama is exonerated for these most evil war crimes of some 1,300 mostly innocent men, women and children labeled as terrorists. I agree with Kareem Khan…the drones attack us and the whole world is silent.

But the President has refused to acknowledge these deaths.

Only a war criminal with no conscience could refuse to be so self-righteous not to feel any empathy or remorse over these drone deaths of so many innocent people, including children.


Hey, ho Barry O,
How many kids have your drones laid low?

How many innocents slaughtered today,
In order to make some political hay?

Just how much blood must soak into the soil,
Before the world’s safe for the barons of oil?

How many dead babies, dead girls and dead boys,
Will offset the cost of your brutal war toys?

And how many civil rights, freedoms and laws,
Must you shred for the sake of your Glorious Cause?

How many more murders, until at last comes the time,
When you’re held to account for your despicable crimes?


Everyone who voted for this bastard in 2012 is dripping with blood.

No excuses!


How many were killed or maimed from the wars started by Bush/Cheney, back before Obama? The weapon is not the point. Drones, bombs, tanks, guns, ALL kill innocents, in their own nation. What gives Americans the right to go abroad and endlessly murder them?


Humans are NOT humane, never have been. I always say, the invention of new killing machines is all we do. From rocks and sticks, thru torture methods, to muskets with one shot, to rifles, guns, machine guns, bombs, biological and chemical warfare, to drones……what is next? Weapons of mass human destruction seems to be badge of honor for a nation, mostly the USA. Even our anthem glorifies war. We go abroad and murder populations in their own backyard, sick……And we murder fellow citizens, legally by many cops. NO lives matter to the elite and powerful or govt.'s.


Thanks for the rhyme and reason.


What tune do you have in mind?


He calls these drone strikes “targeted” but the weapon these things fire is hellfire missiles. These things pulverize their targets and anyone near them. this s big part of the reason for so many dead innocents. This is in addition to the cowardly immorality of remote controlled bombing.


Well said!


Obama ran on a promise of Hope and Change. He was duplicitous about this in regard to drone warfare and needs to be held accountable. I’m glad to have voted Green in 2008 and 2012.