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'Counter to Public Good': Sanders Urges DOJ to Reject AT&T-Time Warner Deal


'Counter to Public Good': Sanders Urges DOJ to Reject AT&T-Time Warner Deal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday urged the U.S. Department of Justice to block the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger, citing the widespread warnings against creating such media empires.

In a letter to the department's antitrust division, Sanders wrote, "This proposed merger is just the latest effort to shrink our media landscape, stifle competition and diversity of content, and provide consumers with less while charging them more."


What happened to the Time Warner - Comcast merger? I got a letter in the mail from Time Warner a couple months ago but haven't heard anymore. With Time Warner merging with AT&T, there's virtually no choices/competition where I live. Also, what happened to the anti-trust legislation of the early 1900s. Breaking up Bell Telephone was a major reason behind some those early anti-trust bills. Now we're going backwards with these media mergers. Backwards is not progress.


Good grief! Enough with the Sanders ads already - he is NOT on the ballot, he is backing someone for whom he is clearly NOT speaking with regard to this stuff - let's hear from the one he backs who IS on the ballot and who will back none of the stuff he is talking about ...

I think it is pretty disingenuous of CD to keep printing this stuff - what is relevant here is NOT what Sanders says, but what Clinton says and even more what Stein, who also IS on the ballot, says - I thought CD was about "informing" us - not propagandizing ...


And neither Clinton nor Trump will do anything to interfere ...

Stein/Baraka '16


These media giants are in insane competition with each other and the government has to draw the line. Sanders is just one of many voices saying enough is enough. I would assume that CD figures that using a Bernie Sanders angle for this article would generate a lot more reader interest than an article from a different perspective. From a journalist point of view that seems to make a lot of sense.


Correction: This is not a commercial on behalf of Bernie but reporting on a statement by a highly influential progressive politician, opposing a merger, which will further reduce the credibility of our media.

In case you have not paid attention. Bernie is more important and influential than any person now on any ballot, safe the one who will be elected POTUS and will be even more so, if and when the Dems. win the Senate majority

His opinion carries enormous weight and is worth listening to and reporting on.
So pay attention and get over your sulk at losing the nomination.


Ah the fury! The establishment yawns, as the merger will finalize. Yes I'm becoming more cynical every minute.

But but, Warren is there too!!!


While I agree with almost everything our great campaigner says; the concentration of media has already gone so far as for it to be a seamless brainwashing branch of totalitarian military empire. There already is no news media looking at — now is civilian morale management telling what's what.

USers and Europeans are living through late stage piranha capitalism. There is no more imagination because there never was. Industrial history has made huge central pools of capital seeking growth but it has never actually made a profit. Austerity and a sick Earth are undeniable medical symptoms of imploding culture before environmental collapse. Expendable are humans and Earth to immortal corporate beings devouring each other in a struggle to be number one surviving piranha pirate capitalist.


Sanders and Trump had the same initial response when this merger was announced...unequivocally NO !

Clinton's initial response was her usual lawyer weasel words like "scrutinize" and "closer look", meaning that she will consult with her Wall Street paymasters after her inauguration to find out what she will authorize her appointees to approve.


... but he publicly supports a candidate who DISAGREES with him on this.

... while ignoring one who agrees and even invited him on to the ballot!

Sanders is out of place & time at this point.

He has SQUANDERED the energy of millions, and been BLIND to the dramatic unprecedented moment that presented itself, & the opportunity for BIG change that could well have landed him in the White House. It was a moment to DEFY History. In spite of whatever threats that were made.


He assessed, where he would have the best chance to realize at least those parts of his agenda, to which The DNC and Clinton have agreed and came to the conclusion, that this would be from inside the governing party, where he would also have the backing of the Senate in achieving his goals after 2017 as well as possibly the backing of the House after 2019. None of that support would have been available for any bill, he will prepare, from inside the Green Party.

If you had taken the time to familiarize yourself with his 50 years long career in politics, his judgement, his integrity throughout and his perseverance, you would have learned to trust him to make the best decision possible after not getting the nomination.
Now he has power as well as support in the Congress.


Important UK parliamentary report on Libya intervention based on lies and fabrications. See my post here: http://commons.commondreams.org/t/snowden-journalists-are-a-threatened-class-in-era-of-mass-surveillance/31850/12


Hillary Clinton tends to take her time in speaking out on various issues. And given her schedule at this time of the campaign she probably does not have the time to study this proposed merger. Each of these mergers have to be looked at individually and they can be very complicated. If she wins I assume she will take a position if this is still in the works after she takes office. I think in general there is too much consolidation of media companies so I think this merger should be opposed by the government. I will not vote for Stein although I live in a state where Hillary will win easily so my vote doesn't really matter that much. I think Obama has done a pretty good job in his second term and it seems to make sense to vote for someone who wants to continue on a similar course. Obama has an approval rating of over 50% so a majority of Americans have the same view that I have on his record. He has pushed climate change to the top of his agenda where it belongs. He helped avoid an even worse economic disaster than what occurred under George W Bush. He has had some success in raising taxes on the highest income earners. He got health care coverage for 20 million additional people and got the cap on coverage eliminated. I have no idea what Stein could do in government. Her entire career is in medicine. I assume she is good at diagnosis and treatment but beyond that she has no record of accomplishments. So who know what to expect and why take a chance on person who we know so little about. She has never been tested in any sense that seems relevant to the office of president.


Yes, the blond lady in blue and "the Bern" both long on wind and totalylacking in credibiity or actually accomplishing anything. What a mini-series for some niche cable channel that would make!


Exactly. What did happen to that legislation? I'd say this. The ALEC and the KOCHS are what happened to it. Powerful Monied interests working hand in hand with the Republicans and the Democrats who've failed to muster even a tiny amount of moral regard for these United States of America, is what happened. While Voters sit out elections and sit out VOICING their demands, the RAT FAT KATS took over.


No, he has not squandered anything. Only a fraction of people who supported him at the start are now in line with your negative views of the situation. There is far more to this than one man. There are ALL of the millions of people who still will stand firmly with him on an agenda that matters. He will speak out, and so will we. You can spend your time negating all you want. It won't stop the rest of us from TAKING ACTION, as needed, just as we would have, had Bernie gotten enough votes to be our Candidate. YOUR FALSE Narrative, doesn't change a thing.


I thought Michael Moore had decided to support Hillary.

This video, while explaining why many people will vote for Trump, and actually making a case for others to do so, does not actually reveal who Moore, himself, will support.

The reasons he gives, in a perfect world, would actually be an improvement in the lives of people trampled by our Government's policies, but the reality is that, if he were elected and actually became, as Michael explains, "...a Hand Grenade that would blow up the whole corrupt system.", the secret PWB would probably soon lead him to his own Dealey Plaza.


Heinz, I get what you're saying and agree but drop the ageism. Personal slams re age are not relevant commentary.


Ummm...maybe you have forgotten that Sanders is a senator and as such has a voice in this type of decision?


This where we see the power of unelected officials to royally screw us over. Mergers such as these should not be the purview of "agencies" but should be carefully scrutinized and debated by the individuals whom we pay to represent us.