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Cynthia Kaufman

Getting out of this Mess by Building support for Economic and Social Justice

The election was terrible and means huge setback in the things we who support social and economic justice care about. For the climate it may mean the difference between the possibility of building a sustainable future and getting to the changes too late to avoid catastrophe. The current period is likely to give a major stress test to our constitutional and electoral systems, and those systems might not survive the next years intact.

Thanks for this thoughtful article. The popular movements have been gradually developing a People’s Agenda. At Popular Resistance we compiled it and are urging people to spread the word and build national consensus. This requires the kinds of grass roots conversations that Cynthia describes as well as taking coordinated actions. The movement of movements just completed a five-plus year campaign to stop the TPP and succeeded with people power defeating trans-national corporations. Now, we need to build on that by shifting the political culture to support an agenda that puts people and planet before profits. We have power when we are organized. See https://popularresistance.org/peoplesagenda/

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Resistance alone is not enough. Reform is a temporary fix - a holding action. We must also re-imagine the world we want to live in and then work to (re)-create it. By participating in re-creating the new system you are simultaneously bringing to an end to old oppressive one.

$25 an hour could certainly work for some companies, but for a LARGE number of small business owners (and they are VERY important here) that number would NOT work. Instead the owners would work longer hours and employ more family members (who would work for less) or hire illegals.


Seeing the duopoly enable the too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 to now control 50% confirms that "cosmopolitan capitalism has NOT been “beaten back”.

I’m writing on December 20, 2016. Yesterday an uncouth, unqualified, narcissistic, dangerous, unbalanced, demagogic, scary billionaire was rubber stamped as President by the Electoral College. His Democratic Party nominee opponent had been placed in nomination by a wealthy cabal of power brokers who manipulated the levers of Party power to deny Sanders the nomination as the clear choice of the 99%.
Neither form of capitalism discussed in this article is capable of evolving into an equitable distributor of the GDP. Both forms inevitably result in gross maldistribution. This is a fact that very few are aware of. I don’t believe the Democratic Party base is aware of it. We can’t hope to succeed in counterhegemony until we reject presently dominant Milton Friedman economics and embrace Michael Hudson’s views. We all need to study, discuss, and embrace Hudson’s macroeconomic model. His books, Killing the Host, Finance Capitalism and its Discontents, and J is for Junk Economics are key to the direction counterhegemony must take if there is to be hope for success.