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Countering Clinton's Super PAC Loot, Sanders Campaign says, 'Bernie Doesn’t Want Billionaires’ Money"


Countering Clinton's Super PAC Loot, Sanders Campaign says, 'Bernie Doesn’t Want Billionaires’ Money"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton agree to hold four additional debates, the Sanders campaign is seeking to highligh something that sets it apart from other candidates': it's raising no money from super PACs .

BuzzFeed News first reported Saturday that the two campaigns had agreed in principle to the additional debates if they are sanctioned by the DNC:


I just read Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States". It says so many things that Bernie wouldn't dare to say. But, he's headed in the right direction. Hope he isn't Wellstoned by the PTB.


This looks very haphazard and sloppy on the DNC's part. They, under the President's directive, should push the reset button on this entire 2016 primary election contest, right now. Debates on the West Coast, whose electoral votes will go to the Democrats in November, are only fair ( 3 states and 21% of the votes to win ) and good politics, too. Pres. Obama should then remove Chairman Deb for incompetence and bungling, beyond any reasonable doubt. She's the existential threat to the Obama Legacy, and not Sen. Sanders and his insurgent. mislabeled leftish revolutionaries. Bernie represents the best chance to ensure OhBummer has a legacy, at all, simply because of his considerable appeal to independent, reform-minded voters and true greens. Fundamental campaign finance reform will not reach the critical mass it needs until every federally elected politician is forced to go on the public record in all 50 states, with their personal yea or nay. Let Sen. Sanders rattle the rafters for a good long time this year. We know demolishing all the secret PACS, amoral lobbyists, retrograde billionaires and other assorted crud, is the 99s only hope. Along with holding the courts accountable, especially SCOTUS, this is the only long term political/economic plan that works. " Since FDR's New Deal, corporations and wealthy families have been non-stop finding new ways to get tax breaks, deregulation and entitlements from the government. " Adam McKay --- Director of The Big Short


The Democrats do need more debates. They need more TV exposure. There is too much Trump, and too much Trump against Cruz, Cruz against Rubio, Trump against Fox, etc on TV.


Which candidate is most likely to do right by the 99% and which one is going to serve the 1%?


Bernie is actually what was once called a "New Deal" Democrat, or an FDR Dem.



Because he was the last New Deal Democrat to occupy the White House, Jimmy Carter is never invited to speak at Party Conventions. Ever since the Clintons and other formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 the Party has ignored the era of New Deal Democrats.

During the 2008 campaign and throughout his 7 years in the White House, Obama has compared himself to and praised Ronny Raygun more than he has any pre-DLC Democrat.


New York Times endorses Clinton and Kasich. No surprise here, but this early, yes.



What a good read that was, even more so given how hard it was to track down a copy back in the early years of the current regime. Used book stores would tell me, 'on the odd occasion one comes in, it's immediately gone.' And I thought, 'if the book is in such demand why don't they reprint it once more?' Then I got my mitts on a copy and read it, and my question was answered. I've always prescribed following it up with Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee by Dee Brown. A solid one-two punch at establishment American history.


You'll likely appreciate this.




Great listen, I'd never heard Howard Zinn's voice before. This struck me from the 9:00 mark:

"One thing democracy requires is an informed public, if the public is misinformed, if the public is lied to, if the public is deceived. you cannot have a democracy. But what about the press? What about the media? Aren't they supposed to inform the public? Uhh. . . well . . .yes . . . they're supposed to inform the public. But what if they don't? Then the essential requirement for a democracy is lost."

It seems to be harder at this time for the American people to be deceived. Hillary Clinton apparently hasn't learned this ("it was called Hillarycare before it was called Obamacare; no one will be tougher on Wall Street than I will; my email issue is a Republican conspiracy . . .and so forth). This is why her House of Cards campaign will collapse dramatically as early as Monday night.

Mark Foster (of Foster the People) at last night's Iowa City rally gave the best explanation yet of why Bernie's message has caught fire with so many people. He said that 4 months ago while he was watching Bernie speak for the first time he asked himself something like, "What is it? What is this thing that Bernie has?" Then he said it came to him: "It's truth. Bernie is speaking the truth."


Or JFKed, MLKed or RFKed or even Lennoned. Give peace a chance.


I have no idea where you found this... but it's adorable! Jewish rap! Hilarious and yet she hits the key points.

Thank you for posting this. I hope it goes viral.


This is only true for a segment of the public. The dummies who are drawn to a belligerent, enfant terrible like Trump are certainly BEING deceived. They also have no problem with the way Trump speaks down to Black people, wants a wall against Hispanic immigrants, and thinks all the world's problems are the fault of Muslims... rather than the U.S./NATO wars of aggression that catalyzed violence spreading out from the bludgeoned Middle East.

When you consider the Bell Graph, you recognize that there will always be a percentage of VERY awakened persons, those who are endlessly curious about the makings and workings of their world. And there will always be a percentage easily led due largely to their upbringing in authoritarian, typically religious fundamentalist households. And this group is easy to draw along into any disastrous, frequently pro-war policy.

There's also the large middle zone. That group can be educated if given truthful information. And that's the group that the Zinn quote most refers to.

I've spoken about the contaminated media for YEARS in this forum and that serious issue is always clouded over by those who blame the people who have BEEN deceived. Their anger is at the persons who don't understand they're being lied to rather than those DOING THE LYING.

And as I've pointed out, proponents of the "blame the people" frame identify WITH the dominators; and those dominators come from 3 major groups:

  1. Military muscular power
  2. Corporations with financial power
  3. Fundamentalist (or otherwise Conservative/Patriarchal) religious institutions

When those 3 share an agenda (which is now largely the case), the public will be lied to (it's called propaganda and it's become a major industry), and on the basis of that deception, can be made to go along with horrors.

The Goering quote is what it all comes down to; and it was hardly lost on those military elites and NSA spooks who imported Nazis into the U.S. Armed Forces labyrinth.

Zinn explains (in this excellent link) how human nature works when massive lies become the intellectual currency of the land.

Note the extent to which today's inconvenient Truth tellers are being prosecuted or forced to live in exile. Essentially, this cuts off any alternative story to that pushed as the official state narrative.

In many ways the protocols resemble a covert Inquisition.


Of course hilliary the traitor would take tainted money, she is a career criminal just like her dumass husband.

The traitor bitch should have already had her trial and been executed, typical of the lying cowards called the Dept of Jackass's DOJ.


O'Dumba, the president that makes bush look almost competent.

Just shows the two dumbest presidents in history elected by the dumbest voters in history.

America's new motto..... we can out dumb everyone.


The answer to your question is to FOLLOW THE MONEY & then you will know WHO supports the 1% and WHO supports the rest of us


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