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Countering Hate With the Sound of Music: Fiesta At Aaron's Place!


Countering Hate With the Sound of Music: Fiesta At Aaron's Place!

Ya gotta love New Yorkers. A day after the viral video of racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg haranguing people at a mid-town restaurant for speaking Spanish, the city's multi-cultural resisters took action. He was kicked out of his office, local pols filed a grievance with the court system, savage reviews tanked his Yelp ratings, and 500 people held a Latin party, complete with mariachi band and free tacos, outside his apartment. His bigotry was sad, they proclaimed, but they're not.


God bless New Yorkers for countering the hate in such a high class fashion! I visited New York for the first time last October and loved it. The first thing I noticed when I surfaced on the street from the subway was not just the electricity on the street but the feeling of History and the incredible diversity of immigrants that have and still make the city the amazing Crossroads of Humanity that it is.


Outstanding! I like it!


So now what about the Republican candidate who filmed a transgender person in the bathroom in Los Angeles? What about Joy Reid?

What about Obama who actually killed dark skinned people with drones?

Has anyone watched the videos of this attorney and had the feeling that he might have serious mental health issues? Not that racism is caused by mental health issues, but that people with schizophrenia can be racist too.

Street justice feels good. But it is not justice. It avoids the underlying issues in favor of a party.


I recently visited a relative living in North Miami Beach. We did a little shopping around the area and I just stood there in one store listening to the multiple languages being spoken and picking out the ones I could identify - Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. And wondering about the several I had no idea about. I thought it was awesome and I felt a real part of the greater world standing there. It was exhilarating. I have had a similar feeling while traveling in other parts of the world.
My companion however was grousing about it as if it was something to be annoyed at. I questioned her about why and she couldn’t tell me. I explained how I felt and asked her to listen with a different attitude. Here she was, a well educated person and as she stood and listened she told me she had NEVER looked at it that way before and what I told her opened her eyes.
It boggles the mind how reflexive xenophobia can be if we do not consciously think about the world and just how small our place in it is …


This one hundred percent. I live in Vancouver which is one of the most ethnicly diverse Cities in the world and I love the fact all of those languages spoken , all that culture and cuisine there to experience and all of these people can exist together in relative harmony. It a beautiful thing.


Everyone does not consider race and ethnicity in the same way. There are five racial options for people to self indentify and other on the U.S. census, This is how people see themselves. 75% of Puerto Ricans are considered white with Spanish origins that include ancestry in determining race. In the U.S. they write in Puerto Rican as race because it includes ancestry and ethnicity. The census is thinking of adding two more options for race. We don’t all use the same metric.

Anyway, this doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Edited: I used one example but there are many


A most excellent way to troll, I must say.


vive la difference


Karmic Justice is a beautiful thing!


I agree in general, but when a piece begins with “Ya gotta love New Yorkers,” it wreaks of the exceptionalism and arrogance of the Wall Streeters and other elitists who run and own the place - and much of the country - despite the diversity and energy of the streets. As for saluting (s)elected New York pols – FUGGITABOUTIT!