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Countering Trump's 'Hostility' Toward Media, Bill Would Protect Journalists From Intimidation and Assault

Countering Trump's 'Hostility' Toward Media, Bill Would Protect Journalists From Intimidation and Assault

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Condemning President Donald Trump for creating a "climate of extreme hostility to the press," more than a dozen Democrats in the U.S. House, with support from the largest communications labor union in the country, have proposed the Journalism Protection Act, which would make it a federal crime to attack or intimidate reporters on the job.

"This is a dangerous time to be a journalist. The threatening atmosphere is palpable."
—Bernie Lunzer, president of The NewsGuild

It should be tough to get Republicans votes on this. They have cast their lot with the fascists. This bill would hurt the troll army of the alt-right which is particularly aggressive at going after Jewish journalists. Destroying the press would seem like a must for the Trump gang. Their worst enemy is truth.

What does it say about Donald Trump that Congress must pass a bill to protect the media from him? What a Godawful mess this country is in. And all because of one giant ego!

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The attack on our free press came long ago and succeeded long ago – and for just one
confirmation of that See: Carl Bernstein’s CIA & Media. (Operation Mockingbird)

This is a slightly different angle in attacking journalists themselves …
it seems that journalists who may have some independence are a particular threat to those who
think they own the country.

Much needed effort to try to protect these journalists from intimidation and assault.
Or from being labelled “terrorists” by our terrorist government.

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Right?! Obama’s war against journalists was insane!

The only difference between the two parties is that Republicans are corporate wolves in wolf’s clothing and Democrats are corporate wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Pretending that the Press needs protection from Donald Trump is basically dishonest. What about all the changes done to and with the FCC approval of such actions as consolidation, overturning of the Fairness Doctrine, Obama’s “Ministry of Truth” action, the overturning of the 1947 rule about not allowing US propaganda in the US news, the name calling against any dissent by the corporate MSM, continues. The people’s right to know has been lost years ago.

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What would be the implications of this bill for copwatch videographers who get beaten by cops who don’t want to be watched?

A federal crime?! That seems like an overreaction.