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Countering Trump's Inhumane Proposal, Ilhan Omar Presents 'Only Immigration Plan Worth Hearing About'

Countering Trump's Inhumane Proposal, Ilhan Omar Presents 'Only Immigration Plan Worth Hearing About'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump garnered much of the attention of corporate television networks and major newspapers after he unveiled a sweeping immigration proposal Thursday, but it was Rep.

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Yes IIhan. And talk about fueling Trump’s hate-filled narrative! If you can stand it, check out Fox News, which is a misnomer, it is not news but pure hate filled, fascist, propaganda. Nazi Germany had Goebbels and fascist, Amerika has Fox News. Fox should be taken off the air until it changes it’s name from news.

The way Fox News demonizes and excoriates IIhan Omar, they are putting her life in jeopardy.


I wonder if the corporate “person,” in this case Fox, can be charged with incitement to riot?

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Yes, in my opinion, Foxy so called news, has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with hate speech and at least should lose their broadcast license until they stop their rhetoric of hate.

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" * We need to create a fair and accessible path to legal status and citizenship for all undocumented people in the United States;"

No we do not.

The first thing they did when entering the country they broke the law. Send them back, put 10 year ban on their passport then they can apply again like the other one million legal immigrants that the US welcomes every year.

By the way, this coming from someone who allegedly married her own brother to skirt the system


“We need to create a fair and accessible path to legal status and citizenship for all undocumented people in the United States;”

“No we do not.”

Ah, yes, we do!

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If it involves going back to the home country ad reapplying from there like everyone else then fine.

How about all the people who have been waiting for year going thru the legal process. It’s gonna be slap in their faces.

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Certainly in Canada this is true>>>but we must also help those in poverty in Canada now as well… A Basic Income modeled after the current ODSP system as proposed by MPP John Sweeney in a “Transitions” document before the Honorable Mike Harris became Premier would be a start. …However I may agree with some of our current Premier Ford changes (at least in part) as long as he does not revert back to a 75% clawback. …In order for people to get out of shallow poverty it would need to remain at a 50% clawback. (I prefer to use other language. And those that want to work should be able to work at a decent wage…(Not all can be employers) and in meaningful employment at that. Furthermore we need a further evolution of Democracy. Our Right Honourable Prime Minister Trudeau promised the last election that election would be the last “first-past-the post - system”. He has gambled and broke this promise. I do hope he stays on as opposition leader if he does not get elected in 2019. And furthermore we settlers ought to remember we are guests with this land called Canada. Canada I am told is an indigenous word meaning “the village”

For many, returning is risky (thanks to the good ole USA). We think we own all the countries in the Americas but look what happens when people actually need our help (political, economic and climate refugees/even Puerto Ricans (US citizens)). Yes, we must put the infrastructure in place to greatly reduce or eliminate the time involved in the application process.


Castro running for president came up with a more detailed plan.
I like the Bill that Sen. Udall proposed that we do something about civil & human Rights in the USA Regime Changed nations of Hondura, Guatemala & El Salvador.
It is USA puppet governments that have created shit hole conditions causing mass migrations.

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I consider myself a labor progressive. And I find myself perplexed by the sentiments for immigration. There is a real cost associated with immigration. The first is environmental there’s also a real social cost. I can’t beleave anyone seriously promoting easier immigration is truly addressing the environmental social cost. The first migration was to develop the frontier and to keep labor divided. As a consequence we destroyed the environment made the American bison extinct or at best endangered. It also stressed society then much as it is now. After the 1870-1920 immigration there was a social backlash. Labor pushed for restricted immigration policies and there was a hard swing to the right. The KKK essentially ran Colorado. Why would we want to repeat that. Firstly, the frontier is gone. More people absolutely means a bigger economy. It does not translate to a better economy. It serves land developers and people looking for cheap labor, but that is it. Secondly we cannot take all the worlds poor. China has 1.3 billion. India and Pakistan have another billion. Each of those counties could send 1,000,000 people per month an that would not even be 1% of China total population and it would be 1.2% of India Pakistan. That would be An 8% annual growth in population not including any children conceived. And we have not even addressed Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, the pacific rim countries. People that is unsustainable by any measure. Could we accommodate 1,000,000,000 in the US. Sure, but be clear it would be a horrible place to live.

Further A social welfare state must be a closed system. That why the Koch brothers, Rupert Murdoch love unfettered immigration. It leads to to dismantling of social programs.

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Hi GuildF312S: Fox is creating havoc for so many. And since the Supreme ones decided, " that corporations are people " .Maybe some who came to this nation after WW 2 were the first DREAMERS!
After all, an immigrant created the term of ,“melting pot.” Oh wait, Trump’s mother immigrated from Scotland Hmmm I wonder if she really became a citizen. LOL, Maybe the Donald was one of the early unknown DREAMERS. That would be perfectly wonderful, and he could deport himself if his stupidity law passes. : )

Somebody tell Trump that the immigrants are not ugly, dirty, filthy sub-humans. If there are any dirty ugly, filthy, sub humans they are only those that are mimicking Trump and Millers’, adoring fans at his rallies. How did the Republican party morph into the Hitler party? I loved Ike, voted for Nixon twice. How did Stephen Miller, Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao manage to scuttle a perfectly decent political party? Why was it so seemingly easy?

The central American migrants banging at the door are a result of climate change and US meddling in their domestic affairs. This is the blowback and we need to put on our ‘big boy’ pants and deal with it.

They are knocking on the door of this country because of their total inability to govern themselves effectively and have noticed that when it comes to immigration law, the same applies to us. that will lead to our downfall. We cannot support half of this hemispheres poor.

They are poor because of us, that is they are poor because of the US.

Oh for crying out loud.People here never believe in personal responsibility. Mexico for example has a history of European settlement that is at least as long as ours. It has vast resources. There is no reason that it should not be a successful prosperous country. It isn’t because the people there are wildly corrupt. They have failed to provide themselves with the governance that would foster prosperity. The only reason they are making progress now is because of America and the badly written NAFTA agreement that did just what Perot said it would do. Send American jobs to Mexico. They have done little to nothing to develop their own industry. What they have done is develop income from sending their people to work here. Ten percent of Mexicos population lives in the US and the money those people send back is a significant percentage of Mexicos GDP. That’s money that isn’t paying people here in America. Then we wonder why those on the bottom end aren’t making progress. That’s money that could work for our people here.

I was speaking of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras where their governance has been interfered with by US intervention. The number of people heading north from central America has skyrocketed since the coup in Honduras. Migration from Mexico to the US has decreased in the last few years and more Mexicans have headed home from the US than are heading north (see the Pew analysis). Clearly you also don’t understand how the US has been responsible for many of the problems in Mexico as well. NAFTA crashed the demand for domestic corn in Mexico, throwing many subsistence farmers off their land. Many of these people ended up as illegal immigrants in the US.


If you believe that the only reason that Guatemala, Honduras, and particularly El Salvador and Nicaragua have problems is because of American involvement, you are deluding yourself. These countries have never had adequate governance, and in the case of the last two their propensity to lean towards failed socialist policies will guarantee they never will have. Furthermore, if the US supported that coup in Honduras it was the left’s darling Obama who did it. Immigration from Honduras and Guatemala have increased due to the advertising of our lax immigration laws and people organizing support for the trek north. Someone is paying and planning that, it doesn’t just happen. Despite claims to the contrary, the vast majority of these people are economic immigrants, not refugee’s from violence. You may delude yourself into believing otherwise if you wish.

I understand far more than you assume and I am well aware of the affects of NAFTA on both countries. I’ not a fan of the agreement at all I vacation regularly in the most rural portions of Mexico. Places where few Americans would dare to go and places were I’m confidant enough to wager you will never see.

Good governance leads to stability, poor governance such as that found in Central and South America result in instability. I for one am way past tired of seeing American denigrated for anything that’s wrong in the world, when the fact is that much of the world owes it’s prosperity to this nation.

First, Obama is no darling of the left, he is a neo-liberal. Beyond that your comment shows a real lack of understanding of Central and South America. The difference between vacationing and living in a place makes quite a difference in one’s understanding of it.