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Counting Sperm


Counting Sperm

Gwynne Dyer

“I tried counting mine once, but I went blind with exhaustion,” tweeted one reader of the BBC website after it reported that sperm counts were down by half in the past 40 years all over the developed world. And it’s true: they are hard to count. The little buggers just won’t stay still.


Vonnegut’s “Galapagos” comes to mind for me…


Please get your “facts” straight or give us your definition. MOST people in South America are NOT white.
If you base “whiteness” on European standard of the Scandinavian-Anglo-Saxon-Teutonic white, then MOST are “mixed”… mestizo, mulatto, Indio,… These are not “races” but are all Human beings of the same human race, some more tanned than others. I think you just made an ill-informed statement. The main gist of your report is correct… the sperm counts of people in “white” countries is down… and it is due to the toxins rampant in their industrialized societies as well as the stress peculiar to lifestyles in these “successful” societies.

Cherokee Jim


The elephant in the room is the massive contamination of drinking water with estrogen from birth control pills as well as the estrogen mimickers such as soy products and some plastics.

Every time Mr. Skinny Jeans gets a soy Cappuccino along with his Tofu smoothie, goodbye a little of the Mr. and hello a little more of the Ms.

I’m all for reproductive rights, but if you even mention the possibility that all those birth control pills are screwing up the hormonal balance of literally everything that uses water, at least in the U.S., holey moley, the feminists will scream bloody murder.

Not sure how to fix this this but doesn’t one woman’s right to birth control stop at another woman’s drinking water?

This post will be excoriated for challenging a widely held belief:
Repeat after me: “Nothing, nothing on Earth matters more than MY reproductive rights!! Not my health, not YOUR health, not the frogs and fishes health. NOTHING!!!”


Good one. But what have you got against women voters? They are easily propagandized and easily led. And there are more of them than men voters. Oh yeah, and they are ‘equal’, which, as anyone who has ever studied math knows, means ‘exactly the same’ as men in every way.
What is that high-pitched keening sound I hear?