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Counting the Cost of the Global Biofuels Boom


Counting the Cost of the Global Biofuels Boom

Kelly Stone

Currently, there are 64 countries in the world that have mandates for the consumption of biofuels. That’s a lot of countries, and a lot of biofuel.

Countries have many shared goals and similar policies – and they often work. But biofuels mandates are having alarming impacts on people around the world – even in countries that don’t have their own mandates in place.

Government mandates create an inflexible demand for biofuel crops, driving up the cost of food and making prices more volatile, thereby contributing to hunger around the world.


Yes. Now help devise a format like a modern balance sheet using some agreed upon units accompanying text. These are true costs difficult to value. Does any one in the totality of real distributed human intelligence describe rational economic goods from biofuels?


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