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Counting the Dead in the Age of Drone Terrorism


Counting the Dead in the Age of Drone Terrorism

Tom Engelhardt

In the twenty-first-century world of drone warfare, one question with two aspects reigns supreme: Who counts?

In Washington, the answers are the same: We don’t count and they don’t count.


The US is using drones in a terroristic manner, much like the bombing of civilians in German and Japanese cities in WW2. The problem is that in such dispersed groups that we are told are being targeted, the terror does not reach a level of contagion. Of course the Germans and Japanese took quite a lot of it before surrendering, so why should it be useful against the “terrorists”? War is failure, folly, and unfortunately, profitable. Not a good mix. This continuing geopolitico-economic strategy sickens me.


How many mothers hearts will cry out for their children who deserve so much more than the uncaring pain visited upon them by war. How has the hate of the beast in all of us disconnected our souls from our being? When did our callousness become stronger than our heart?


This conclusion is sad, but it suits a writer who shows no curiosity regarding the official Washington narrative for the improbable (stream of) events that went down serving as the cause for these repugnant wars. Similarly, Mr. Engelhardt provides the horror of drone use cover with his antiseptic rendering of numerical figures–a sterile analysis that shows ZERO empathy along with the incurious manner by which he takes the PRODUCT of incessant propaganda, state lies and secrets… and props it up as Americans’ alleged approval.

If authorities and news sources provide U.S. citizens with wholly deceptive portraits of drone warfare along with constant assurances that these “precision” instruments ONLY target the “bad guys,” naturally those who have lost family members to active combat along with other idiots who buy the official narrative (and thus think they must “fight back” against “terrorists” to defend “the homeland”) see a value in this form of asymmetric battle (a/k/a warfare).

Far fairer would be to provide citizens with ACTUAL footage of ACTUAL drones and the consistent way that they “take out” citizens in about a 10:1 ratio to actual targets, added to truly Democratic discussions in widely viewed media about the moral implications of this “death trial sans jury.” Of course, the truth about false flag events and their use as triggers for already planned conflicts is a staple of supposed statecraft that only is granted open discussion years AFTER the fact. Since the pattern is long established, it might be openly pondered now… but then the public would have VALID cause to fully mistrust its leadership.

Lying to people through sophisticated propaganda that permeates Hollywood, TV talk shows, radio talk shows, bar talk and just about everything else establishes false consensuses. To poll persons after they’ve been saturated in all this deception, and on that basis suggest or insist that majorities poll affirmatively towards drone strikes is acting as an enabler to the Deep State’s deepest deceptions.

I call foul here.


Really? You frame the military’s domination over U.S. and foreign citizens as US being disconnected from OUR souls? Ridiculous. This presumes that decent people agree with, approve of, and understand what’s going on… added to the false frame that civilians are in a position to stop this.

This is how Empire operates and never has an Empire held greater dominion of mass media, the skies, oceans, food supply, land, and upper atmosphere… than this one.

Any time any poster–or writer–sets up a seamlessness between all civilians or all citizens or all Americans and what is planned and executed by Power, often by secret means, they turn all dissent into an irrelevant black hole.

How many here consent to the U.S. prison system?
How many consent to the brutal racist homicides carried out by too many police?
How many consent to wealth aggregating into few hands as wages remain stagnant for most?
How many consent to Monsanto deciding what they will eat?
How many consent to our lives being held hostage by Big Oil?
How many consent to standardized tests in lieu of a solid education for their kids?
How many consent to their water tables being poisoned by frackers?
How many consent to bailing out banks and banksters instead of homeowners?

And how many would consent to war if the Truth were made known to them?

The levels of conditioning are so intense and so pervasive that they’re tantamount to covert forms of mind control.

Many people are waking up and many others have been awake ALL along and oppose all of these policies including abject State Violence which drones epitomize.

Mothers hearts do cry out. And wars are being spread… but average decent people are not the ones spreading them, and it’s a false frame to conflate the two. POWER is setting the agenda and using control of mass media to condition citizens to go along; and even if a majority were to oppose these horrors, at this point in time, the justice system and all branches of our government are under the influence of the Washington-Wall Street-Houston-MIC controls.


All Americans are responsible for the actions of those they have given the power to act in their name. And the awakening must be from a coma it is taking so long. Iraq since 1990 and Afghanistan since 2001.