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Countries Rushing to Reopen Risk Causing an 'Immediate Second Peak' In Covid-19 Infections and Deaths, WHO Warns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/26/countries-rushing-reopen-risk-causing-immediate-second-peak-covid-19-infections-and

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These selfish fools are not going to know what hits them in just a few weeks.


Those who are heavily invested in the stock market, who have enuff money, great medical care & are able to stay home (or away), wanting for nothing ~ these are mostly the ones pushing for life to get “back to normal” & for everyone to return to work. They however, are unlikely to be out in the crowds, unless at a resort somewhere. Their #1 concern is that stock market & their money should be healthy & survive this intact.
They care not if you & I get sick &/or dies. We all know what Trump cares about & GOP with him. It isn’t us. If it were, they would not be fighting mail-in ballots so dang hard. And they too, have big money invested that they fear losing. That we may lose our lives matters not at all to them. Our gov’t is so far removed from us that they share none of the same concerns we do. We are ruled OVER by the rich & they don’t give a rat’s ass about the rest of us.
Don’t be fooled.
Many of us are tired of the “emergency measures” that are going on much longer than we were told it would be. We all have different reasons for wanting our lives back. I get that. Summer & the heat is here, making life stuck inside rather suffocating & kids are restless too. Our lives have been put on hold. But not in DC, where we here of dinners out & other social amenities that we are missing. The rulers aren’t giving up much at all. But they’re worried about re-election & their money ~ “poor babies”.
We can go out WITH MASKS ON & not act like the virus never happened. Be smart. If you go out amongst the masses, where a mask ~ for your own health & protection!


Its a complicated situation, countries and their taxpayers can and often are being sued in ISDS courts if they prevent corporations from getting the full value out of their investments. We should know, US corporations are doing a lot of that suing.