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Courage Is Contagious: Manning, Snowden, Assange Stand Up for Freedom


Courage Is Contagious: Manning, Snowden, Assange Stand Up for Freedom

May Day saw the Berlin unveiling of Anything To Say?, a public art project and "monument to courage" featuring life-size bronze statues of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, all of whom have "lost their freedom for the truth," defiantly upright on chairs. A fourth empty chair invites others to "stand up, get a better view and share their courageous stance," says Italian sculptor Davide Dormino: "It is for you."


John Oliver did an informal survey in NYC and found that most respondents didn’t even know who Snowden was. And probably didn’t care to either, since they thought their own abysmal and embarrassing ignorance was quite humorous. Ick.


That’s just weird.


and now Jeffry Sterling…


… I’ve always felt that the artists were the modern day Shamans of industrial societies. Divining the past, present and future amongst the scattered bones before them… Where the artist is marginalized, it is a sterile culture indeed…


Doesn’t surprise me. Awhile back before Manning changed his gender, someone mentioned that Manning had been incarcerated and their answer: " Which one? The one for the Colts or the one for the Giants!


A serious ommision of Karl Marx, failure to include, “the Games”/ sports, with religion as “opiates of the masses”.


I will have to agree and I live in the US. Shameful what we have allowed ourselves to become. I am not a hero!


It seems that a macabre combination of both “religion” and “the games” is destined to be mans’ exterminator.
We are in desperate need, of new and fresh thinking by some very courageous people, willing to learn and to teach world peace instead of continuous, sabre rattling, violence and "that ultimate game’ of war.

With perhaps the exception of a “resurected Ghandi”; Who can stand on that fourth chair to say anything?


It would be nice if the writer would use Chelsea Manning’s actual name and correct gender. She’s no less a hero for being a transgender woman, and there is nothing shameful about it. Given her situation, she exhibited extroardinary courage in coming out. Regardless, a beautiful statue, and I’m glad it was made. Although again, Manning’s appearance is a bit dated, there.


I always felt it would be an extremely important addition to our Nation wide school curriculum/classes to have A high quality study book of Robert Shetterly’s “Americans Who Tell the Truth” paintings including just what the truth they spoke was and is-.
Our youth must know and understand who the real heroes of America, past and present really are and were!
Hell, they could even throw in some classes on our Bill of Rights and Constitution along the way since they are so sorely understood-


This is a wonderful thing. I can’t imagine it happening in the US. These people are truly heroes, and I agree that Jeffrey Sterling should be included.


Stand up, take your hat off and put your hand over your heart. About the only thing left out is the Hitler salute. If Marx were alive today he would probably agree with you.


A resurrected Ghandi would need a resurrected British Empire to make sure that he only got put in jail for a few months rather than having an unfortunate car accident.


The entire thing made from fossil fuels and other resources that are quickly being destroyed by overpopulation. In order to get those resources the use of military force is needed because they are in such demand.

Then posted on the internet which requires the equivalent of fifty coal fired electrical plants to run.

PS, Bradley is now Chelsea.


Ultimately, in frustrated desperation, a corrupt dysfunctional existent power, in its death throws, will turn to any means— enslavement, torture, murder, and war for temporary relief. In the end, Ghandi‘s campaign of “nonviolent civil disobedience” was victorious and that victory was the first crack that brought down the mighty British Empire. As I recall, the British did leave India.


YOU! wordpress.com is an AWESOME place to vocalize & socialize simultaneously, gaining awareness & sharing ideas. I know, since now, I’m being stalked by local (Grand Rapids) police (this morning at 11:23 (Neland & Franklin st’s), going to work; last nite nite at 8:15 (or so) AT work; Saturday, at 11:43, catching the bus, w/contractor in Calder City Taxi, spying me as I await a bus, at 11:48 just feet from where I was being ‘stalked’ by Kent County Sheriffs (at 11:43 on Leonard & Carlton NE), all because of content on my rustacus21@wordpress.com blog. This is intimidation - plain & simple, but leaving me undeterred, as the truth MUST be told & people MUST be made aware of what WE HAVE DONE to ourselves by NOT keeping engaged in our local to national to international civil society imperatives. That means recalling, impeaching, sitting in, being civilly disobedient on a massive scale, but most URGENTLY, speaking up, speaking OUT & speaking OFTEN, what needs saying, contemplating, & THINKING, in correcting ALL that is wrong w/ours & DEMOCRACIES globally…


People don’t watch anything more pertinent than reality TV, sitcoms & murder/mayhem programming. Why would they be concerned w/being told they’re ‘being spied on’ & why should it matter - until they themselves, run afoul of the ‘spies’ (as have I), by speaking out as I do on my blog (rustacus21@wordpress.com)? I never realized I was in trouble til my grades began falling - just after starting my blog (in 2010). Then, realizing I was being drugged (after an episode of near-cognitive incapacity while in class), I then came to the realization it was the food & drinks in my apartment being ‘spiked’ w/benzodiazipines, causing such cognitive impairments. This is the flip side of being spied on, when the subject is so ‘belligerently’ activist, that more ‘concerted’ steps must be taken. How many Americans has it happened to? No one knows. Like me, I didn’t even realize what was happening - had I not been paying attention to my own body & that belongings in my apartment seemed ‘out of place’ from when I left. This is the awareness people lack, making them completely unconscious to who Edward Snowden is & his importance to solving the crisis of the authoritarian takeover of our Democracy. If people don’t put themselves in place to learn, they WON’T know & end up like the majority of subjects in the John Oliver survey - sadly…


No, Ghandi did not bring down the British Empire.By 1890 Britain was losing ground economically to the USA and Germany; by 1914 German science and R&D was well ahead of Britain and by 1918 Britain was massively in debt to the USA for purchases made to support Britain against Germany in WW1. This debt with interest would not have been paid off until 1982 so in 1932 it was left in abeyance because of the Great Depression. The second world war allowed the USA to bleed Britain completely dry to the point of bankruptcy in 1947; the British war debt to the USA and the loan made by the USA to Britain in 1947 were not paid off until around 2006. So Britain decided to quit empire in India in 1947 because it was recognised that it could neither be afforded and nor was it wanted by India, a realisation that had been growing in the UK from the 1920s.Ghandi could not fail. However, unlike the USA’s empire, which leaves solely bomb craters, Agent orange and depleted uranium dust, Britain did leave behind a working public infrastructure in India and also a unifying language.