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Court Affirms Monsanto's Guilt in Poisoning of French Farmer


Court Affirms Monsanto's Guilt in Poisoning of French Farmer

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A French court on Thursday upheld a prior ruling which found agrichemical giant Monsanto guilty of poisoning a farmer who inhaled the company's Lasso herbicide and ordered the company to fully compensate the man for the neurological problems, headaches, and memory loss he has endured.


Monsatan is guilty of much more than poisoning one farmer. Besides poisoning this farmer (and no doubt the surrounding farmlands, water resources, etc) they are intentionally destroying the ability of farmers to "save seed' year to year in a business model based on greed and exploitation to control our food supply - a business model that should be seen as criminal but is coddled and empowered by our corrupted regulatory agencies (a joke) and vulture capitalism. Contamination of genetic diversity created over great time is wiped-out in a moment, and government has become so corrupted they have abdicate their essential function to protect the public to instead protect the criminal irresponsible actions taken to increase profits.



The bottom line is that capitalism is suicidal.

The people no longer have a government to use as a tool for the common good.
We now have a government being used to serve the organized wealthy/
It's time to acknowledge that this government no longer works for the people.