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Court Blasts Politically Motivated Attack on Planned Parenthood in Utah


Court Blasts Politically Motivated Attack on Planned Parenthood in Utah

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a victory for women's health advocates, a U.S. appeals court on Tuesday shot down Utah Gov. Gary Herbert's attempt to block funding for the state's Planned Parenthood affiliate, saying the move was probably a political one meant to punish the group.


Conservatives can be such hypocrites. They go and shoot down GMO labelling citing freemarket mantras but then go and use the gov't any way they can to limit women's reproductive rights. Conservatives say they are against big, over reaching gov't except for when they are in favor of big, over reaching gov't. Hypocrites.


The question of the discredited video is, in my opinion, emblematic of profound cultural dynamic that has yet to see robust analysis in the media. No doubt studies exist in anthropological and psychological research regarding the cognitive impact of this sort of video and film in general. I immediately think of Hillary Clinton and the couture and culture of Hollywood as such a major component in her activities.

How is that politicians can make two or more fully contradictory public [read:media] statements on the same matter and how is it that this is so commonplace and apparently considered by such politicians to be 'normal practice?

I can only conclude that perhaps I am mischaracterizing the dynamic - or putting the cart before the horse - by framing the question this way.

There is the observation by Marshall McCluhan that "The medium is the message".

It would seem that getting the media medium (chaos transmission) reins attached to dead pendulum weights of controversy is the condition of the arena. It is no longer "political" in the sense of informed policy, but rather a hollywood/disneyland coliseum where the sacks of conflict du jour are kept swinging like a tether ball or petard.

I think also of how the mass media and certain elements of social media treats the Black Lives Matter movement. Rather than covering the substance, generating the whiplash speed of specious egoistic assertions in judgement to keep a rate of turnover high enough to meet media marketing numbers. The latter ultimately representing nothing but relativity in smoke and mirrors for toxic "profit"

Dignity Justice Respect


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Republican state legislators continually seek new opportunities to be SPANKED by the court system for their incredibly invasive and empathy-devoid, wholly self-serving, and blatantly unconstitutional policy proposals and legislative offerings.

The GOP's response to state and federal judges: "Thank you, may I have another?"


This war on women by the GOP and its followers is enraging...when will it ever end? Leave women and their families alone to make their own decisions about what is best for them, their families, and their lives...government on any level has NO place in the personal, private decisions families face. Hope the courts keep these crackpots at bay infinitely. Utah...hmmm, not surprising considering that getting married and having children at or before the age of 15 is not uncommon...with the permission from and blessings of the parents, of course.