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Court of Appeals Says Trump's Muslim Ban Will Remained Blocked ... For Now


Court of Appeals Says Trump's Muslim Ban Will Remained Blocked ... For Now

Jon Queally, staff writer

The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals early Sunday morning denied a motion by the Justice Department on behalf of President Trump which sought to reinstate enforcement of an immigration and travel ban that targeted seven Muslim-majority nations.


Good for now. Glad to not have heard TD telling DHS, etc., to ignore the courts and keep on with his policy. I wonder how long he can hol his Twittter/tongue.


While this is good news, it's discouraging to note that the DOJ and Homeland Security were willing to file appeals on behalf of an illegal ban. Grateful for the courts - at least they are willing to say NO to king.


The fact that Trump demonized Judge Robart's decision and used the pejorative " so-called judge" should put us all on notice that Trump thinks he is above the Constitution and one wonders how much damage the dictator-in-chief will do in the next 4/8 years.

What is so dangerous now, is DT has his hand on the nuclear codes and I predict ( AND OF COURSE I WANT TO BE WRONG! ) this maniac, if he feels the need, is not going to hesitate to use them!


I certainly hope you are wrong about the nukes but it appears Trump is heading toward a constitutional crisis. He is mentally unfit for the job of president. One thing presidents need is a lot of patience and to understand that they cannot always get what they want. He is simply emotionally incapable of being a president. CEO is good job for him because you can just give orders and it should happen. He is going to get more and more frustrated as president and it is a very scary situation.


Yes indeed. Trump is such a loser -- and a sore loser at that. He can't overturn Obamcare and he can't ban Muslims from entering Amerika. Now let's see what else we can defeat him on.


Yes, scary to say the least! And here is why: " Presidents need a lot of patience".

Trump is so mentally, unstable, that he makes impetuous, decisions based on his immature, emotions and that fact, to me, makes him very dangerous.


It'd be nice to defeat them on this too:

The rule was promulgated to ensure better compliance from oil and gas drillers on national park land, wherein the NPS owns the surface rights, but other parties own the mineral rights. Here's the background from the Federal Register:


As a backpacker and avid hiker, I've got one word to say about the folks behind this effort: assholes. Just another drill-love hug from Republicans.


When you get right down to it, why would any Muslim want to move to the US? they are just trading one set of problems for another!


Yes. Orange Julius' denigration of Robart as a federal judge lays bare his desire to dictate by executive decree with no pesky judicial check against illegality.

I believe your time frame may be a bit hopeful. Perhaps weeks or a few months is all it will take for long-term damage. He's prone through an emotional conniption fit, to use a tactical nuke through the use of black ops delivery to be "the toughest" ever on terror.

President Bannon, through this sock puppet trumpet arsonist, looks to burn the place down and create it afresh in his own delusional alt-right way.

Like you, I hope I'm wrong. But after only 2 weeks, look at the trajectory we find ourselves on.


The government is making ridiculous clams. Do they think the public is that stupid? "Unlike the President, courts do not have access to classified information about the threat posed by terrorist organizations operating in particular nations, the efforts of those organizations to infiltrate the United States." Do they think that we think the president knows more about this classified information than the Judge that made the ruling? Trump has only been president for two weeks and most of his time has been spent arguing about the size of his inaugural audience, and writing tweets about every damn little thing. .He surly has not had the time to asses the mountains of classified information that they are talking about. Also we all know that he made the decisions to do what he is doing before he was even elected president or had any access to classified information. The government spokes people just continue to Spin Spin Spin, and they don't even pay any attention to the stupid things that they are saying.


George W. Bush did the same thing. Any time they wanted to pass something to do with terrorism they would put out claims that there was a lot of chatter about a threat but nothing specific. And then there was Tom Ridge and his color code for terrorist threats which always seemed to be raised when some legislation was pending. Remember the scare about terrorists spraying chemicals in our neighborhoods and large numbers of people rushing to the stores to buy duct tape to seal up their houses. I hope Americans aren't stupid enough to fall for this stuff again.


No "so-called" judges, or even "so-called" Justice Department Acting Attorney Generals can Defy Emperor TRUMP! [period]

Soon. certainly, no "so-called" Senators will be able to Defy Emperor TRUMP! [period]

And now, no University presidents nor students can Defy Emperor Trump --- or federal funds will be 'clawed-back" by the Empire.

"This is my comment to the NYT Sunday Review by Linda Greenhouse re. “Supreme Court Standing Up to Trump”:

"It's not up to the Supreme Court to Stand Up to Trump.

And the Democratic Party is dead with respect to standing up to anything --- let alone Emperor Trump.

But if the principled left, and even the supposed fourth estate of a free-speech media, is so dumb as to not take this last opportunity to stand-up to the most obvious and virtual 'Poster-boy' of Empire, when this 'Empire-building', 'Empire-owning', and 'Empire-thinking' neo-fascist threat to our country can be so clearly tagged with being an Emperor, and can so easily be excised with massive demonstrations and protests in the streets focused on a; loud, public, brave, sustained, but non-violent Second American "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" now --- then we Americans will have given up on our last chance to defend democracy anywhere."


Not only was Judge Robart appointed by Dubya, but in addition to this suit Washington State AG Ferguson has also sued the Obama Administration on more than one occasion.

Any Team Trump accusations alleging partisanship or left bias are totally unfounded in this case.


The courts are the only thing standing in the way of Fascism, but for how long?

Trump's SCOTUS pick, neil-gorsuch-founded-fascism-forever-club


Better to live in tyranny then under the rain of bombs I guess?


Good point but to actually move to the country that is raining down the bombs on your birthplace sounds strange to me.


It is strange. It is almost like a stockholm syndrome effect. I forget who said this but I once heard a quote among the lines of "the only thing worse than living in the U.S. is living outside the U.S. and being affected by its foreign policy".


Great quote!