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Court Orders Environmental Protection Agency to Finalize Rules so Polluters Pay for Their Own Toxic Messes



Making Dear Misleader's "legacy" a bit less long lived?


A huge step to curb polluting by mining companies would be to change the General Mining Law of 1872 governing that industry, which has not been addressed or rewritten by Congress since it was passed during Grant's presidency (1872). Cleanup of abandoned mining operations is not done by the mine owners but paid for by taxpayers and conducted by the EPA (national or state). Read more here: https://www.earthworksaction.org/issues/detail/general_mining_law_of_1872#.VqwWlLIrLq4

After the debacle that dumped any number of toxins into the Animas River last year, one would hope that laws would be rewritten to prevent future deadly incidents. All that trophy fishing on the Animas will be drastically diminished when the fish (and their future generations) suffer from heart and DNA damage and will not grow or thrive as before. Interesting how MSM has been mum about that...money silences.