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Court Reinstates Lawsuit Against NYPD Muslim Spying, Citing History of Racist Scares


Court Reinstates Lawsuit Against NYPD Muslim Spying, Citing History of Racist Scares

Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept

In a stunning legal decision issued today, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Muslim-Americans who had been subjected to blanket mass-surveillance by the NYPD Intelligence Division have grounds to sue the department for discrimination. The ruling reverses a 2014 decision by the United States District Court of New Jersey that found the plaintiffs had insufficient legal standing to challenge the surveillance against them, and that the blanket surveillance of Muslim communities itself was not evidence of bias.


Bravo to the court! The NYPD has a long record of near countless violent actions and killings, mostly people of color and the poor - excesses are "justified" by the heirarchy and protected by the "blue wall of silence" and other mechanisms. The courts are the only path to justice for the people but often are part of the problem, like "prosecutors" and other "cops in suits".

Justice for all is also denied by law banning disclosures of files of past individual police actions that bear on their credibility, violence, killings, racism, or any act. NY is one of some states with such laws that shield cops from scrutiny of past actions and deprives accused citizens of fair trials.

Police immunity from past actions is mandated by NY law 50a banning disclosure of police records thru FOIA, except to certain elected officials only, not all. Past abuses, incompetence, dereliction or any other malfeasance or crime, are secret by law, which should - must - be repealed or justice for all will remain a joke.