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Court Rejects Dakota Access Injunction, But Standing Rock Sioux Vow 'This is Not The End'


Court Rejects Dakota Access Injunction, But Standing Rock Sioux Vow 'This is Not The End'

Nika Knight, staff writer

A U.S. federal court of appeals ruled against the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe late Sunday evening and denied its request for an emergency injunction against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

"This fight is far from over."
—Tom Goldtooth,
Indigenous Environmental Network


Nobody said that this was going to be easy.
It never is when the people clash with the oligarchy.
But, we still outnumber the plutocrats and Capitalists by at least 1000 to 1.


This ruling coincides with Columbus Day. 'Nuf said.


So the people are assured this poses no threat to drinking water even as they changed the original route because it was decided it posed a threat to drinking water.

That water they decided needed to be protected supplied a city of mostly white people. The water which they deemed could be at risk , a First Nations tribe. Nothing has really changed since the first day those Colonists got off the Mayflower and there still people claiming that in the current Presidential campaign , one of the candidates is a "progressive". Some progress.

Vote Green.


With the resounding silence from HRC, and Trump's millions investing in the project, if either one of them is elected, it's likely that this pipeline will be completed in one form or another before we can get around to another election cycle. No surprise that the Courts on on the side of the Oligarchs - after all, it was the Oligarchs who appointed them. And when has "historic preservation" ever won the day when billions of dollars are on the line. The only hope for a compromise at this point is to move the crossing point of the pipeline further downstream so that the reservation is "safe", but the other 17 million people who depend on the water remain at risk.

One way or another, this pipeline is going to happen. Too much has already been invested and the 1% could give two craps about what the majority of people in this country want. They want a solid return for their investment and that's the end of the argument for them.

Only one candidate has clearly stated that she will stop ALL fossil fuel infrastructure projects on Day One of her term. All of the others plan on continuing the project by any means necessary.

Jill Stein!!!


Not to divert from the purpose of this article but it is discouraging to see the venerable black snake used as a term of derision. Non-venomous, a superb hunter of pests affecting humans, I have always been joyful to still see black snakes on my property, as all snakes are highly susceptible to an unhealthy or toxic environment. For what it's worth.


Water is not sacred to the capitalist. The notion of 'private' property is sacrosanct only for as long as it serves the capitalist.


Heck. What do they need good water for anyway? They can always buy bottled water from Nestle's water mining operation in drought country. That way Nestle, the transport companies and the pipeline company all make money. Everybody wins!!! NoOne (the new name for indigenous peoples) can't lose because NoOne doesn't count anyway. Never bothered to "develop" their ("waste")-lands.


Further proof you're living in a fascist state of existence; what 'freedom & democracy, eh?