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Court’s Ruling Charter Schools Aren’t “Public” Is No Surprise


Court’s Ruling Charter Schools Aren’t “Public” Is No Surprise

Jeff Bryant

The recent ruling by the supreme court of Washington state that charter schools are unconstitutional because they aren’t really public schools has sent advocates for these schools into a fit. But their often over-the-top criticisms of the decision are reflective of what is most often misunderstood about the charter school sector and what that industry has come to represent in the political debate about public schools.


Teachers, true teachers, want and NEED respect. They'll take poor pay. What a shame, but they will. Teacher bashing is among the greatest social ills of our times!


True, the charters of 2015 in no way resemble those of the mid 90's, which met the definition of public insofar as they were essentially run by the districts and the local school boards.


3 cents per student per day.. this is what my budget for art supplies is reduced to as a result of Charter schools taking state run public school budget. Corporate run schools take public funds from the masses... and then only their "select" students have access to the newest, high-tech facilities also! My colleagues and I have no choice but to buy at least $500.00 out of pocket, in order to make up for our shrinking classroom budgets!
Thanks to corporate-run Charter schools...