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Court’s Ruling Holding Kobach in Contempt Is Well-Deserved


Court’s Ruling Holding Kobach in Contempt Is Well-Deserved

Orion Danjuma
In a scathing decision issued on Wednesday evening, a federal judge held Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in contempt for repeatedly and willfully disobeying court orders that he comply with federal voting rights law.

The contempt ruling by Chief Judge Julie Robinson, who was appointed by George W. Bush, follows years of attempts by Kobach to evade, undermine, or ignore the court’s directive that he register and notify all eligible voters in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act.


I am dumbfounded. I put this on the judge, had he been jailed for contempt, as any other citizen would have been, this sad situation would have been resolved. Why judge ? Why are our elected officals allowed to operate above the law. Clearly holding him in “contempt” is not solving the problem. JAIL the SOB.


For decades, since CITIZENS UNITED, we have been having front row seats to the intended consequences of full-bore abuses of the SCOTUS decision.

The tragedy is that - just as in the Kobach case - TIME is now a major component in the smoke and mirrors that criminal, serial abusers of public office use to suck society into a septic regression to the worst of feudal … and this is, if nothing else, feudal in Kobach’s narcissistic response to the puppet strings destroying the Constitutional basis of society.


This is just one of the means Trump used to swing the 2016 election.

Anyone who can be shown to have broken the law and was complicit in this, must be arrested and charged and incarcerated.


I assume most keep a mental list of ‘most despised’ politicians/national figures. Along with the likes of Gingrich, Inhofe, Cruz, LaPierre and co-Kansas shitcake Brownback, Kobach ranks very high with me. Whether it’s the arrogance of despising their supposed underlings, or outright racism and sexism, these anti-humans need to be banished to the type of hell they impose on others.


I think I have a better idea. Incarceration always sounds so attractive, but it does nothing to remedy the damage. Instead of incarcerating Kobach, I propose that all those voters who weren’t properly registered should be deemed to have voted for the Democratic candidate in any election occurring while they were in registration limbo, regardless of whether they attempted to vote or not.


Such a long list, so little time…


Kobach is lucky that he is allowed in public.


Greg Palast’s film “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Case of the Stolen Election” really underscores the menace of this character.



Am I to assume from your comment that you’re a lifelong Democrat, and that you believe the Democrats will save us all?


You’re only half right. You can I assume I was crafting a remedy that punish Kobach to the greatest extent possible. Perhaps I should have said those votes should go to whomever is in second place, rather than Democrats.


Doesn’t a person in ‘contempt of court’ usually go to jail? I’d go for solitary confinement in a solitary jail on a solitary Aleutian island…human fucking trash!!