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Court Smacks Down Trump's 'Capricious' Attempt to Eliminate Obama-Era Methane Rule


Court Smacks Down Trump's 'Capricious' Attempt to Eliminate Obama-Era Methane Rule

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A federal appeals court handed President Donald Trump's deregulatory agenda a major defeat on Monday by rejecting the administration's effort to halt an Obama-era rule aimed at reducing methane leaks, which have a powerful warming effect on the environment.


Now I can turn my computer off and enjoy some Blues.


The Greedy Old Psychopaths are a criminal conspiracy to commit mass murder for profit. And lie along the way.

We all know that. But here’s the main point. I’m a Green Party member. I voted for Jill. And I want there to be an EFFECTIVE Left party.
But in the meantime, these IS a difference between D’s and R’s. The D’s passed a reg to SAVE lives. The R’s want to destroy it to kill for money. Same with all oil and coal regulations. Same with Medicare, Medicaid (both Single Payer) and with ObamaCare.

So please, people. While on the path to democratic, workers’ power socialism, please think about the realities of human (and animal) life and death.




Do you mean to say that if thieves are appointed to office that they can’t just turn around and make stealing legal? Gee what fun would that be? How about inappropriate touching like sexual assault and pussy grabbing? Maybe we can make grabbing a woman’s pussy legal now? Then it would be okay to do that even if she objected, right? Let’s make paying to stay at an outrageously expensive Trump hotel in return for special consideration on contracts a basic right? There’s lots to be done, ya’ know?


This will send a clear message to the Republicans in Congress to rewrite the Clean Air Act. Ryan and McConnell must have something in the works.The Republican party is determined undo everything the Democrats have accomplished which adds up to destruction and widespread misery if they succeed.


Don’t count yer chickens before as such 'ave hatched: There are a lot of judicial appointments to be made before Trumpican’s prenatal senility drives him off the cliff. Starting perhaps with Justice Kennedy? If a Dem with any backbone is ever elected again (as unlikely as that seems), Gorsuch will be impeached. Immediately.


Impeached for what?


Short-sighted whore, that thar Pruitt is, short-sighted WHORE.


Impeachment is too good for that arrogant bastard. Plan B?


That huge whatever it is of Pruitt should be burned in effigy in front of him…except I don’t want that to contribute to more fouling of the air than Pruitt-Drumpf already do.


Make a giant effigy of smelly compost materials?


Hello Laurenceofberk, You missed a big one. Plant life. Without plant life animal life is doomed to fail!!!


Replace the President? Congress? The Court? The Media? All of the above? All at once? How does the public get news without a real media?
Yahoo was sold, now represents ads, celebrity ads, sports exposures, and a few brief news sound bites designed to allow Republicans-only to make guttural remarks. Little else. I even find its search often doesn’t work.


This will be an effective left party - www.draftbernie.org And one that unlike the Reps and Dems, will advocate for an end to fossil fuels and support clean energy development NOW. When it’s needed. Not, do “All of the Above” while we are killing the planet. They also support single-payer, not the Republican plan that Obamacare is, preserving the For-Profit insurance companies and keeping more than 20 million people uninsured. Healthcare is a right, and should be provided by the government to all it’s citizens. Which is also more cost effective than insurance company middle men. This is recognized by the people who support the draft Sanders movement. So if you want an effective left party, sign on!


The nan is made of smelly compost. Effigy should be purty so that he’ll identify with it and then see it burn… Lol…but which man to start with?