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Courting the Right, Smearing the Left: The Ethos of the Clinton Campaign


Courting the Right, Smearing the Left: The Ethos of the Clinton Campaign

Jake Johnson

Throughout the 2016 Democratic primary, left-wing critics of Hillary Clinton, including Bernie Sanders, were repeatedly smeared as racists, sexists, and class-reductionists — or some combination of the three — by surrogates of the former Secretary of State, and by the former Secretary of State, herself.


Hillary is a neoliberal, warmonger.


As Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels research confirmed in their Democracy for Realists publication voters' candidate selections are rarely based on issues and mostly based on identity and partisanship. The Clinton campaign is built around this principle.


Establishment neoliberal Capitalist..............


Are we having fun yet?


Hillary is not "tucked away".

Just like Obama, most of her domestic travel is not to make PUBLIC appearances, rather to meet with bag men in the tech centers and power centers across the nation to collect "campaign contributions" and reassure them that TPP will be a done deal during her first hundred days.

Travelling around collecting money takes time away from campaigning.

Seeing how Trump is not landing any punches in the campaign (only punching himself) , Clinton really doesn't need to do a lot of campaigning like she would need to do if she had a real GOP competitor.


Well, I don't think Bernie's a lap dog; I think he's a hero. I also think that the Millennials he has ignited will eventually defeat the duopoly. I'm glad HRC is courting the right and smearing the left. This insures that the young will continue the fight and, sooner or later, the establishment will fall.


The Trump Campaign is the Alt-Right and the Clinton Campaign is the Not-Quite-Right.


The Clinton's have been wrongly attacked for over two decades. It is hard to even remember all the specious attacks. There was Whitewater, the death of Vince Foster, travelgate, impeachment for supposedly paying Monica Lewinsky to keep quiet, Bengazi, etc. Perhaps billions have now been spent investigating the Clintons. In any case it is a lot of money and certainly members of Congress could have spent their time better working on legislation to make this a better a country. The main charge of Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton was that she was corrupt because she accepted money from corporations to fund he campaigns. However, Bernie failed to come up with even one vote that she made that was influenced by corporate money. So he failed miserably to make this vital connection which undermined his argument. Ironically, he had to admit that because of pressure from the NRA he had to start supporting their view on gun legislation to be elected to Congress in Vermont.


"The question that should follow is an essential one: Who, then, is a candidate who counts Henry Kissinger among her friends and mentors and celebrates the endorsements of Republican billionaires and neoconservatives? And what does a party that touts such characters ultimately stand for?

Whatever it is, it isn't democracy, it isn't justice, and it isn't progress."


Another great, clear articulation of the issues, Mr. Johnson.

Thank you.

Green 2016


Jake never fails to put pesky facts in the way of corporate candidates' stories and distractions.

Keep being the pimple on the candidates that won't go away, Jake !


She has set it up in so that even if something happened to her.... her VP will carry on her war and austerity policies. I imagine her cabinet will be much the same.

Vote Green!


I can only hope you are right .... that the youth of this nation will not stop caring.... will not give up.


Hi HRC troll


I'm voting for Jill Stein. The Green Party is the only party that consistently represents the values I hold. I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Seems I've done this all the years of my voting life. At 74, I'm going to vote for the candidate in whom I believe. If we all did that, we might have the world we want. Join me!
Meanwhile, we can continue to support Bernie's revolution, allowing his organization to be a clearing house for local and congressional candidates.


All while the world continues to burn...


Bernie Sanders isn't running anymore and in fact (get this) he endorsed HRC. Just thought you should know that. Don't give up here. You are making a difference.


If Trump is willing to make deals with Putin and Lil' Kim, he can make a deal with progressives: The progressive vote for a balanced half conservative, half liberal SCOTUS. The American Eagle can't fly without both wings.

A negotiation that includes the removal of all obstacles to voter initiatives and referendums would let the people decide instead of the politicians and their WS paymasters.

Direct democracy


Trump would make a deal with the devil.
That doesn't mean that we should ever put him in the position of making a deal with anybody.


The "fear of Trump" campaign is not working; people want to hear a message with a lot of substance and details.
People are fed up with wars, outsourcing, big donations to political campaigns, expensive college tuition, high interest college credits, expensive housing, health, etc. They want to hear something that will benefit them personally and society as a whole. People want a return to Roosevelt ideals of common good and Eisenhower public works. People want lasting peace, more investment in education and health, and full employment and they could care less if it is public or private employment.