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Courts Awards Fukushima Residents Measly $3,200 for Nuclear Disaster That Made Area Unlivable


Although CommonDreams’ coverage of this case mentions no previous compensation payments, don’t be deceived. At http://www.hiroshimasyndrome.com/fukushima-evacuee-compensation-payments.html , Leslie Corrice reports,

The situation with the 85,000 Tokyo-mandated evacuees is quite different. Each evacuee has been receiving $7,500 per month in basic evacuation compensation since the spring of 2011. Therefore, the “typical” family of four has been getting $30,000 per month in basic payment. Further, another $1,000 per month has been paid to each evacuee since March of 2013 for mental anguish. Thus, the typical family of four now receives a total of $34,000 per month. Thus, Tepco is paying out more than $722 million per month in evacuation and mental anguish compensation.

… property owners and businesses impacted by the mandated evacuation are receiving supplementary compensation to the tune of more than $788 million per month.

… All mandated Fukushima evacuees are making a lot of money.


I see where you are coming from. This all sounds like a strange idea.