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'COVchella' at the White House: Tiny Crowd Shows Up for Trump's COVID-19 Rally

Drop the Mic. You sir, are absolutely 100% correct.

As i’ve written elsewhere, we are living a “coalescing of synergistic, accelerating, amplifying and self-reinforcing mega-crises.” And you did not even include the house-of-cards economy in your brief outline! Interesting times as they say.

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I would certainly agree that is was great running what few errands I had with the road to myself!

Nobody in his family loves him.

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Not when the statute of limitations has expired. And should Biden be elected, he will likely take Obama’s “we must look forward and not backward” approach. Therefore, no consequences. But frankly, I don’t see the current White House occupant going anywhere unless he dies in office.

Ok, there are more than one type of consequences. Along official lines there are protections that apply to the president that wouldn’t apply to citizen Trump. Biden has said that he won’t pardon Trump and I think ole Joe is old school on that. Biden as a politician is linked historically to codes of protocol and Trump is not. Despite all that, there are a lot of people that don’t like him along with a growing consensus that he needs to go one way or another.

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I was going to say, “how can you tell” but it’s hard to imagine being in that family.

Interesting idea but how would people get to the hospital, food and supplies be distributed, people meet their final resting places etc. without cars. Ambulences? Maybe, cars that don’t pollute?

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Then we have to work around them – fail to cooperate with corruption –

do whatever we can – and imo Nature will be helping us and the world
to see what’s really going on.

Even with Biden – if Trump succeeds in putting Barrett on the Court or
someone similar – then obviously Roe will be overturned just for starters
and Obama’s health care –

We need to come immediately out into the streets before that happens to
force Biden to expand Medicare – especially if the virus is still rising – *

and we need to push our own states to expand reproductive freedom for women –
My state of NJ is doing it – protecting abortion and birth control.

We also need to keep supporting liberal candidates – follow Bernie Sanders –
and pray that he will stay live – the solution was obvious but it couldn’t be done
by one person at a time. It required a national leader energizing us all and making
clear that we can work thru this if we work together on targeting those we need to
oust – and moving in those we support – $$$$.

  • If I am correct, the virus will continue to RISE whenever we follow Trump’s “go back
    to work” ideas. IMO, gasoline-driven cars on the road will continue to increase the virus.
    And the people who should be telling you this – party leaders – scientists – doctors –
    even Fauci – that would be a lot for them to tell. Because all of our leaders are so
    intimidated by Elites/wealthy and corporations. And the bullying of the right wing.

This is a LIBERAL nation and we need to live that reality – fight the Koch Family which
is still very active and working to overturn democracy here.

Fight the Catholic Church and Mormon Church which campaigned against the ERA first
time around – with tax-exempt dollars.

Now those young family guys I occasionally come in contact with in town will declare themselves –
wanting people to know – “We don’t celebrate Columbus Day-” And they say it proudly and want you to know it.

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We’ll see uncle –

But there was a very positive reaction when we took cars off the road –

and certainly burning fossil fuels is what’s caused Global Warming –

among many other insanities – like total destruction of animal-habitat –

Population growth – lack of birth control and abortion for women internationally
who want it –

The continuing oppression of women worldwide –

Animal/Dairy eating –

And all of the corruptions of Capitalism which continue to exploit all of nature –
animal-life, natural resources – and even other human beings according to various
myths of “inferiority.”

We need to totally STOP BURNING FOSSIL FUELS –

One step is to take gasoline-driven cars off the roads –

We also need to close down the 500 nuclear reactors around the globe –
Global Warming isn’t fooling around with it – droughts/floods, tornadoes, fires,
hurricanes, cyclones, gale force winds – EARTHQUAKES – on and on -
500 potential Fukushima’s.


First of all you people need to learn how to count. Looking closely at the picture, which cuts off the edges of the crowd, there are 42 or 43 people in the front row alone. There are also far more than 10 rows of people, therefore many more than 400 or 500. There may not have been 2000, but it was closer to that than 400.

Furthermore, what’s the big deal about Dr. Atlas and a mask. In the picture, he’s outdoors and standing well more than 6 feet from anyone else. A mask is not necessary under those circumstances.

I believe you are correct, is their a scientific study that proves your point? Because I would love to see Covid-19 linked to to fossil fuels and global warming.

Nearly everything else you said is – to varying extents – true.  But to attribute the temporary decline in C-19 cases to the decrease in numbers of cars on the road / miles driven / gasoline burned / pollution created while people stayed home because of the various lockdowns is decidedly not only false but ridiculous.  It makes you look foolish – like an emotional & irrational “tree hugger” – and thus discredits your entire argument.  Unfortunately, it also spills over onto those of us who agree with you in regards to fossil fuels, nuclear power, rampant deforestation, etc., and especially gross overpopulation worldwide, by giving those who oppose efforts to restrict kapitalism something to laugh at and attack us with.

Uncle Fester –


In other words, we are not only protecting ourselves from the people who already
are carrying the virus – we need to NOT be breathing in this polluted air particles –

Therefore, when you are outside – even alone – wear a mask.

When are in your car, don’t leave the windows open –

AND – Just as a reminder for those who haven’t absorbed the message –

These were trumps exact words in February 7th Talking to Woodward

”You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed.… It is also more deadly than even your strenuous flus. This is deadly stuff

these are his exact words address Americans March 31

”I just want to add, I think the one thing nobody really knew about this virus was how contagious it was it’s so incredibly contagious and nobody knew that”

Ironically – this is probably one of the few times that Trump has told the truth – and
very few are really hearing what he is saying there.

POLLUTION/GLOBAL WARMING is what we have to limit –

We know that in the first week of the “Shut Down” we suddenly had clean, fresh air after
taking our gasoline-driven cars off the roads.

Now, we’re back to driving again – and the virus is rising again.

POLLUTION from cars is only the first step –

We need to keep pushing on all the issues that create POLLUTION – and destroy Nature.

Hi Shan –

The message that the virus travels on polluted air – polluted air particles –
was immediately out with the first reports of the virus –
but somehow wasn’t getting absorbed, though I keep repeating it –

But here’s TRUMP on it from his talks with Bob Woodward –

These were trumps exact words in February 7th Talking to Woodward
”You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed.… It is also more deadly than even your strenuous flus. This is deadly stuff

these are his exact words address Americans March 31

”I just want to add, I think the one thing nobody really knew about this virus was how contagious it was it’s so incredibly contagious and nobody knew that”

Some of our towns have gotten the message – during the “shut down” many people
began to again pay attention to what’s going on at local levels.

And the discussions are moving to things like creating jobs in their own communities
again to avoid driving “into the cities” –

The GOP (again) is way ahead of us on this issue – if you view “Dark Money” or read
the book, I guess – they make clear that they need to take over Town Hall Meetings.

We have Americans which are busy on many of these fronts – but we need MORE
doing their own thinking and not waiting for our press to tell them what to do.

Taking gasoline-driven cars off of our roads is only a first step –

and it would only be for a short time in order to re-engineer them to ELECTRIC –

Our problem is that over and again Elites/Capitalists refuse to truly address Global Warming
because doing so costs them money – and likely when the public realizes how much of their
activity is making us and the planet ill, they’d be totally shut down.

In many less “civilized” places, where there are few – if any – cars, the ONLY air pollution IS the virus.  It travels on aerosols - minute particles of moisture exhaled by humans who already have the virus in their lungs.  Humans who sing in choirs or play sports or raise a ruckus while standing shoulder-to-shoulder in bars exhale more vigorously, so they exhale more virus-polluted aerosols which, like fog, hang around in the air.  Some of this human-created, virus-polluted fog is inhaled by other humans, and that is how the virus spreads.  It is 18 times as likely to spread from one human to another when they’re indoors and within six to eight feet of one other, because six to eight feet is how far these aerosols travel in the air before they spread out enough to not be quite so dangerous, and cool down and maybe condense into droplets that settle downward toward the ground where they’re less likely to be inhaled.

I agree that automobile exhaust is NOT a good thing — it contains carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, and trace amounts of other pollutants that are not good for humans and other living things.  But a greater number of cases of C-19 during times and in locations when/where restrictions on gatherings have been relaxed is BECAUSE restrictions on gatherings have been relaxed so more people are within 6 to
8 feet of each other,
NOT because more people are driving & there’s more car exhaust in the air.  The increased pollution is a COINCIDENCE, not a CAUSE.

(The above is NOT directed at “Greenwich” — He or she is obviously hopeless.   But maybe it will help a few others understand why it’s important to wear a mask indoors — not so much to protect yourself, but to minimize your aerosol “spray” and thus protect others.)

Another example of G’s extreme shortsightedness.  HYBRID cars, in many cases, produce LESS over-all pollution than pure electric cars.  As in Phoenix, for example, where much of the electricity comes from COAL FIRED gener­ating plants.  What an electric car does in Phoenix is, in effect, to move the pollution out to Four Corners where the electricity is generated . . .

Only on the precipice will we change. Are we there yet?

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Only the staunchest supporters show up. Is that because of the virus?
If so, why can’t republicans all over America observe vote by mail to keep people safer by not exposing themselves at the polls?

Just heard Fauci on CNN – and first time I’ve seen his level of anxiety rise so
fast when discussions went to new “Shut Down” and he very excited and repeatedly
made clear – “We are NOT talking about a new shut down.”

What I’m talking about, however, in moving to ELECTRIC cars can be done by
re-engineering a certain percentage of gasoline-driven cars at one time …
For instance start with 20% of them which would reduce the dangerous pollution.

And then, anticipating that the re-engineering would be going more smoothly, move
another 30% of the cars into re-engineering to Electric –

At that point, you’d have half the cars re-engineered – and by then you should have
car makers producing ELECTRIC CARS for sale or lease –

Even presuming that 50% of the cars would still need to be re-engineered, the next
batch of 25% when finished would mean that 75% of the cars on our roads would then

These percentages could be balanced any way needed in different states to get this done.
Remember that the US government supported the means to allow gasoline driven cars to
be serviced and to supply gas stations, etc.

We need the same kind of support for the Electric car –

And we need to stop the kind of attacks that shut down California’s efforts to put ELECTRIC
cars on their roads – doing it 10% at a time. Unfortunately, the attack actually allowed
thousands of Electric cars to be crushed/destroyed despite the fact that those leasing them
wanted to buy them – and that there was a long list of people who wanted to lease/buy them.
See: “Who Killed the Electric Car?” possibly at your library.

Great ideas. But we have to wait until all oil money has been gotten by those who have bought the system. It’s greed and political bribery that has to addressed along with the promotion of ideas imo.

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