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'COVchella' at the White House: Tiny Crowd Shows Up for Trump's COVID-19 Rally

Thanks for your excellent reply. Will that day ever come?

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CommonDreams - funny how you never mention Biden’s “tiny crowds” which are a joke. Or Bernie’s for that matter.

Don’t need large crowds when we have TV and internet coverage. Town halls are just as effective. And anyone heard of the pandemic?

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Most of us will agree that this is one of the very few times on record in recent years – perhaps the ONLY time – when Tweetle-Dumb has spoken the truth to anyone.  But please note that he does not even mention automobile exhaust or even “polluted air”, just “air”.   One (or twenty, as in the case of White House staff et al) could be breathing air undoubt­edly purified to the Nth degree by the White House air-conditioning system, and still get a severe case of Covid-19 just by standing near the Presidunce during one of his hourly rants, no car exhaust necessary.

After careful analysis of your novel theory, it has occurred to me that you have gotten the situation exactly backwards.  It is NOT increased automobile exhaust that’s contributing to the rise in C-19 cases recently, rather it is the increase in C-19 cases that’s responsible for the increase in automobile vehicle exhaust – specifically the espec­ially noxious exhaust from the diseasel-powered firetrucks that usually accompany the gasoline- (and even electric-) powered ambulances called to haul virus victims to the hospital, greatly exacerbated by a frequent need to transport the victims dozens or scores or even a few hundred miles to an available bed when all local emergency facilities are filled to capacity, said journey often involving a massively-polluting helicopter.

OTOH, there WAS a full moon last week, so probably both the increase in C-19 cases AND the increase in vehicle exhaust were due to emanations of increased lunar reflection of solar-caused perturbations of the chronosynclastic infindibulum, as described by Kurt Vonnegut and dozens of equally reputable atmospheric scientists a few decades ago in the mid-Twentieth Century.

As noted previously, without cleaning up the SOURCE of the ELECTRICITY, all that the electric cars accomplish is to move the source of smog from the place where the car is being driven to the place where the electricity is being gen­erated — in most cases a COAL-FIRED power plant that produces MORE POLLUTION than a Hybrid automobile.   We Need REAL Long-Term Solutions – Not HALF-ASSED Short-Term Solutions.

They chose him because he is utterly malleable and his currency is simply money and fame, and if he had to choose he’d probably pick fame.

Uncle –

How long was SOLAR HEATING possible in homes before it actually happened – ?

Probably decades and decades – or even more –

And as for the manufacturing of the Solar Panels, what percentage might we guess is
done in ways that profit wealthy versus what percentage is done in ways that preserve

As for what I’m suggesting re the Electric car – 20 years ago California had an excellent
Electric Car – beautiful cars – clean, affordable, leasable – long lists of people who wanted
to buy them, lease them – and they crushed these cars by the thousands.

Therefore, let’s just take for granted that there have been even further advancements in
Electric cars in 20 years. Even long before 20 years ago there was talk of Solar Batteries
and many other advancements that would bring us closer to a totally non-polluting car.

Right now what we have on our roads is killing the planet – as we saw in the Shut Down
in over one week – in just one week the cure that was produced was MORE THAN WHAT

And the point is that citizens must recognize that we cannot wait any longer –

The very source of energy is something that every citizens has to become involved
with – not only at the national level, but at their own community level where PSE&G
continue to push taller poles and more grids – and all above ground.

Every city building could have SOLAR PANELS on rooftops –

Every town’s houses could have SOLAR PANELS –

Very much understand what you’re saying –
Obvious answer is to NATIONALIZE OIL – but it seems we’re more likely
to be fighting Civil War II – and as long as the power is on the fascist right
we’ll be unable to save the planet or ourselves.
Capitalism is suicidal –

Remember we’re also in these wars for OIL because MIC uses 80% of the oil –
and they haven’t figured out yet how to conduct war with solar powered bombers –

And the power continues to shift to the right – did you see Sen. Whitehouse today
exposing the “Dark Money” behind the push for Barrett who will work like an atomic
bomb on the SC to knock out everything after Emancipation 1865 – including the
13th, 14th and 15th amendments –

All we really need is for citizens to wake up – empower themselves – have the gumption
to begin to act – it’s their planet – their lives – it’s times to take the responsibility –

Uncle –

Look back on my post and you will find that this is not dependent upon
Trump – because I made this CLEAR …

The message that the virus travels on polluted air – polluted air particles –
was immediately out with the first reports of the virus –


Also let’s not waste time with you trying to disappear or dilute what Trump said –
that would be silly – and we all understand the meaning of what he said –

”You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed.…
It is also more deadly than even your strenuous flus. This is deadly stuff

And why are you trying to defend the gasoline-driven automobile as the culprit here?

I’ll skip your last two paragraphs as just mid-day silliness or watching too much news –

What’s with you, anyway … how much stock in ExxonMobil do you have?

and –

Twila –

CommonDreams - funny how you never mention Biden’s “tiny crowds” which are a joke. Or Bernie’s for that matter.

Bernie Sanders ended his actual campaign long ago, but he continues to travel to
support the Dem Party – NEVER DID BERNIE HAVE SMALL CROWDS when he
was campaigning –

Now when he out there for the DP he will take side trips – as he’s done to Canada
to see what’s happening there always collecting information for the benefit of Americans.

Biden is running limited campaigns due to the virus – which is what Trump should also
be doing rather than spreading the virus.

. . . and every square mile of the planet could be either an open-pit mine or a dump for mine tailings as humanity digs up every ounce of the rare-earth elements needed to produce all those solar panels.  IMHO, a much better long-term solution would be to lower humanity’s birth rate significantly, thereby leading eventually to a gradual reduction in the gross overpopulation of grossly polluting people on the planet and thus a decrease in the use of resources and con­comitant production of waste.

Because your stupid blaming of cars for the recent spikes in Covid-19 cases takes attention away from the REAL culprit — a criminally incompetent presidunce whose scoffing at masks and social distancing – the only effective means of dealing with the pandemic that the vast majority of us have access to – has discouraged the use there-
of, and the opening of bars & restaurants, etc., and thus allowed the virus to begin spreading again.

(And BTW, I have ZERO stock in ExxonMobil, or any other Multi-NaZional Korporation.)

Quite right!   My initial silliness was in wasting my time trying to debate scientific fact with an unarmed adversary who is obviously quite incapable of distinguishing cause and effect from mere coincidence.  Of course I should have turned to the Scientifuckology Department in the Trump University School of Psychology for details of their ten-year study of the international migration of viruses on clouds of exhaust from automobiles versus via camel farts in Uzbekistan.

Origins of the second paragraph can be traced to the notion that a mysterious cloud-dwelling being having a universal mind-reading and life-altering power is entirely to blame for Covid-19, since it was he/it who/that directed that both male and female spoors thereof be preserved aboard some kind of a large boat supposedly launched a few thousand years ago during some kind of near-universal high-water event.  In which case it is obviously not gasoline-powered automo­biles but wind hot-air-powered arcs which are undoubtedly to blame for the current crisis.

Uncle –

What I’m saying to you isn’t either/or –
I’ve long been posting here the long list of things which had to be done to save
this planet –
It may now come down to simply be able to keep from choking on the air – or
fighting off another virus –
That’s just it, we don’t know – except that Global Warming is accelerating and will
continue to accelerate ever faster … because that’s how we exploited the earth –
ever faster and doing ever more harm each day.

Are you saying that gasoline driven cars have no role in Global Warming?
That they aren’t responsible for much of the pollution – ?
We should all understand that to be untrue –

Agree with your criticism of the “presidunce” or as I call him the Fuhrer – but I don’t
have any control over him except my vote – and trying to overturn the GOP Senate, etal.

OK – so you have an opinion just like the rest of us – and no stock in ExxonMobil –
then calm down. My opinion is that we will see what happens.
Will the virus disappear while we still have as many cars on our roads as we did
before the virus? We’ll see.

But that does NOT absolve us from getting rid of the gasoline-driven car – it has to go.

And so does the BURNING OF ALL FOSSIL FUELS which we’ve known since JFK’s time.

As for Electric cars, twenty years ago they were talking about solar batteries for cars that
were the size of a Kleenex tissue box. Where might they be now in their progress?

Here’s another part of this – we are not Global Warming deniers here – and trust there are
few of them left, anyway – but they do work like a ball and chain on all of us - and we have
to realize that it is up to us … every aware human being … to envision the future and what
needs to happen and to start making it happen ourselves –

Recall that it was Trump, as well, who two years or so actually STOPPED a United Nations
Population Program which dispensed contraceptives to women internationally – they also
provided “information” on abortion. And he did it because he could since the US holds the
power of funding/$$ over them.

Recall also that it is Trump who has just caused the CENSUS to be delayed with another
lawsuit –

No, I never said any such thing.  Don’t put words in my mouth, you F***ing Moron.  All I said was that recent spikes in Covid-19 cases are NOT due to an increase in the driving of gasoline-powered cars, they are due to an increase in Close En­counters of the Turd Kind — people emulating our F***ing Moron presidunce by hanging out close together indoors and not wearing masks.   I agree that gas-powered cars are a BIG problem.   I disagree that they are a major cause of recent spikes in Covid-19 cases.

Good excuse for zero enthusiasm for Biden. No one shows up for Bernie either.

Check out these photos of Bernie in New Hampshire, LOL

OK – you can now “fester” there by yourself –

Cars, Trucks, Buses and Air Pollution | Union of Concerned Scientist…(~https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/cars-trucks-buses-and-air-pollution)**

Dirty cars , dirty air. Cars , trucks, and buses powered by fossil fuels are major contributors to air pollution . In fact, transportation emits more than half of nitrogen oxides in our air, and is a major source of global warming emissions in the US.

What is unclear to you about that?

Jane Goodall also makes clear to all that the VIRUS is based in Global Warming –
it’s destruction of animal-habitat –

California had the wisdom in the 1980’s to mandate that within a decade 10% of the
new cars on their roads would be ELECTRIC – because of pollution and the harm it does.
That was 30 years ago – gasoline-driven cars have to be taken off our roads.

We also must stop BURNING FOSSIL FUELS –