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Cover Up? TTIP Negotiators Outed for Secret Talks With Big Tobacco About [Redacted]

Cover Up? TTIP Negotiators Outed for Secret Talks With Big Tobacco About [Redacted]

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

European Union officials face charges of evasion and cover up after concealing basic information about their negotiations with tobacco companies over a pair of pending "trade" deals, including the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), in response to a freedom of information request from a corporate watchdog organization.

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If you want to ban a really bad drug, get rid of tobacco.

It’s killed far more people than all of the other drugs combined.

I’m not surprised they’d want to rid themselves of the troublesome legislation. I am surprised they’d let themselves be caught in doing such a thing.

Smoke’s screen

This really smells. Redaction makes it smell worse. Considering other TTIP negotiations concerning the rights of corporations not to be “libeled” by criticism, my best guess would be an agreement that tobacco products don’t have to be labeled as deadly under the agreement… but that is a complete guess, because governments pretending to be democratic have star chambers all their own…


Next time you get a court order to produce a document, make sure you redact it just like that.


Yes, it’s one of the wonderful legacies of imperialism…western nations, and especially the US are responsible for introducing cigarettes to billions of children around the world.


WTF? Freedom of information? Here’s the paper… oh, by the way, we removed all the info!


If anyone still had any lingering doubt all the so-called “free-trade” deals are not essentially written BY and FOR corporate fascist thieves and polluters with the eager collusion of government (Obama front and center!), this should remove any such doubt, the only surprise is they allowed themselves to be caught on this one small part Make no mistake, these deals are about locking-in global corporate “rights” and profits above all else that usurp national laws and interests! If this egregious tobacco (addiction/death) industry give-away is only a small part of these “deals”, what else are the “negotiators” hiding and Obama pushing so relentlessly and secretly - no wonder its all secret and “classified”, if the public got wind of what these MoFo’s are trying to put into law, they would scream bloody murder - and about time we ALL did much more of that!


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I’m obviously naive and ignorant, but I have yet to understand how such “negotiators” of deals such as the TTIP acquire their power to create these “agreements”. Can anyone explain the “system”? Thanks.

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I once wrote in for my FBI file, which turned out to exist. There were clips of editorials I wrote, and reports from the fed informant in our group with his name redacted, and always at least half of the page redacted as well. One page, every single line was redacted; there was one word not, and I think that was accidental; it was an article, I think, the or a.

I still managed to figure out who the informant had been.

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The truthout link quoted above does a very good basic job, I think. Just go down a few paragraphs to where it starts with Obama.

Over the years we have come to expect redaction of documents yet we have never seen nor heard an interview with the actual people who make these decisions. No one explains the process nor the criteria of how and why it is done. No one reviews whather it is just, necessary or even if any of it is properly done.

Since as in this case, this is a commercial trade deal and not a matter of national security, should any of this even be kept from the public? By what standard are non security issues treated as classified documents? Who decides that the public will be kept in the dark when it will of course affect their lives?

Who are the people who decide that other citizens shouldn’t know what they know? Remember this is not a national security or military issue. This is trade. a public issue.

Moreover who actually sits and reads the documents and takes the black pen and crosses out the sentences? There surely must be thousands of such people? We know nothing about them, what training or qualifications they have.

Heck we don’t even know if when they applied for the ‘Redactor’ position and submitted a resume(?) whether or not they were told to bring their own pens? Of couse the answer to that question and the question itself were redacted because somebody found that easier than to bother answering it,

Who are the redactors that decide that other citizens shouldn’t know the details of a trade deal and probably so much else in our lives?


At what point does redaction become eradication?
At what point did eradication become complying with a freedom of information request?
Willful omission is obstruction of justice, isn’t it?

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Very fitting that the pages with full redaction look like bar codes.