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Coverage of Russian Plane Bombing Shows What a Difference an Enemy Makes

Coverage of Russian Plane Bombing Shows What a Difference an Enemy Makes

Jim Naureckas

FAIR (11/13/15, 11/16/15, 11/17/15) has noted the contrast between US media coverage of Paris and Beirut after the militant ISIS movement claimed responsibility for terror attacks in both cities.

This biased coverage of Russian victims (the downed airliner) compared to French victims (Paris bombings) is typical of Western corporate media. Just the way the sinking of the ‘Maine’ almost 120 years ago (the ship actually sank because of an explosion in the boiler room) was used by the media to rally the country into a war against Spain under false pretenses. The main difference is that the media at the turn of the 20th century influenced government whereas the media today is controlled by the same special interests that control our politicians. Government despised the media in 1900. The government coddles the media in 2015. The propaganda marches on though, to rally the country against all perceived enemies and damn the evidence in the process. Just as the Hurst papers were effective in convincing most Americans that Spain was very bad, today’s MSM has most Americans sold on the idea that anyone who opposes American corporatism, is an enemy of the people. To make matters worse, the standard of living in the U.S. is higher than 1900, but the literacy rates are much lower thereby restricting our audiences to short sound bites of misinformation rather than a well thought out written article in which at least we had an option of reading into the subject with more depth. With a higher standard of living, the general populace is more easily distracted by ‘feel good’ ads and celebrity worship and therefore less motivated to delve more deeply into the machinations of governance.


This comment reminds me of the kid in high school who knows he’s gay so in hoping to get the spotlight off himself-- he points the finger at others who appear a bit effeminate:

"Comparing Putin to Egyptian ruler Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Post declared:

“Both rulers have sold themselves as warriors courageously taking on the Islamic State and its affiliates; both are using that fight as a pretext to accomplish other ends, such as repressing peaceful domestic opponents and distracting attention from declining living standards.”

In other words, the above totally corresponds with the U.S. media-war machine and its constant driving home this idea that there are enemies who are jealous of “our way of life.” Meanwhile, the Republican anti-human being juggernaut cuts program after program as too many Democrats, deferential to those who funded their campaigns, go along with the heist.

As so many so clearly see… there’s ALWAYS ample cash on hand to fund the next aircraft carrier, bomber, or weapons development operation… oh, added to that of financing wars that bring NOTHING worthwhile in their wake.

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This is a veiled “Blame the People” meme when it is not The People who have created the scenarios you paint.

And by the way, it’s Hearst, not Hurst.

You are trying to say that due to the alleged illiteracy of the American public, news is catered to them via sound bytes.

This is a way of painting propaganda as benign.

The False Stories that come “hot off the presses” are designed to hit the reptilian portion of the brain–the place where fear ignites the “fight of flight” syndrome. And these stories are designed by experts in P.R., mind control, and propaganda.

Posters like you turn what government (in its complicity with both the military and corporate moguls) is doing into the fault of the governed.

You also ignore the fact that these authoritarian trends are taking hold in other lands that are more literate than the U.S.–by your definition.

Instead of honestly relating the degree to which Power–unanswerable to both The People and the established Rule of Law–has abused its position to make all of these heinous policies part of the new norm, you turn the matter into the so-called lack of scholarship on the part of people.

And the notion that “anyone who opposes American corporatism is an enemy” is nonsensical. Thousands are looking for a way OUT of the corporate grip and that’s why so many gravitate to Bernie Sander’s speeches. In its own twisted way, it’s also why some are looking to a guy like Trump who says he’s against that sort of thing.

The last election saw 57 percent turnout of eligible voters. If one factors in the numbers of peoples not deemed “elgible” who do not have a right to vote or are not on the voters list due to lack of documentation and the like the number that do not vote is closer to 50 percent.

Meaning your 82 percent way too high.

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Yet it remains a fact of History that a good many of people, including those first pilgrims , migrated to the USA to escape Religious persecution. In other words these people tended to be “peoples of the book” which is by nature authoritarian. This helped to shape the future of the USA in a different manner then other Colonial nations where religion plays much less a central role.

I would use as example the Province of Alberta here in Canada. Early in its history it was very poor and attracted migrants mainly from East Europe as farmers, loggers and the like. These people tended to be Socialists and Alberta was a birthplace of Socialism in Canada. They elected to power farmers and populists and was the first place a woman elected to office.

Most of these people migrated to the North of the province. Meanwhile the South portion attracted many American migrants. These people were much more Conservative and much more religious. When Oil was found this attracted the “Investor class” and their minions and over the years attracted “Conservatives” from right across Canada all extolling the virtues of the Free market and Capitalism. The province devolved from being left leaning to one being far to the right. The older generations tended to be of the left while the latter of the right.

Migration itself and the type of migrants attracted to a Country will shape the course of its future. The Doctors that migrated to the USA from Canada tended to be ones against single payer because they felt it inhibited their ability to make more money. They move to the USA and become some of the most vocal champions of the private market. The Anti-war protesters that migrated to Canada to escape the Vietnam war draft became some of our strongest “leftists” and anti-war constituency up here in Canada.

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Like other stooges paid to push particular messages, you take the Program and hold those impacted by it… responsible.

This is the logic that blames the rape victim, not the perpetrator of THE CRIME.

For how long have Americans heard from any outside-the-corporate-beltway candidates?

How much of the media pushes false stories?

When people are deceived and when they must navigate within a controlled (faux elections, controlled vote counts, gerrymandering, a system based on pay to play, etc.) system, I do not hold them accountable for the systemic corruptions.

You don’t know what percent supports Sanders. The same authorities that lie about war (and its supposed basis) are the ones reporting these numbers.

IF there was an open referendum with a variety of names on each ballot and after THAT, the statistical numbers you cite showed up, THEN you would have a case.

You do not.

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The arguments in this blog regarding the US’s position toward France vs. Russia are well stated in this blog. One could also effectively reduced the US international stance to a nutshell sized statement. The nation of the United States is just being its hypocritical, obnoxious, dissembling, self-righteous self.