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Covering All People With Single Payer, Says GOP Senator, Is Not Money 'Properly Spent'


Covering All People With Single Payer, Says GOP Senator, Is Not Money 'Properly Spent'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) announced his intention Tuesday to introduce four amendments to the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), one of which would forbid states from using the law's block grants to provide residents with a state-run single payer healthcare system—provoking some to question his commitment to the perennial Republican issue of "states' rights."


Hey, Kennedy ANY salary you receive as a “senator” (more like a Trump tribune) is IMPROPERLY AND VERY POORLY SPENT and it comes from my taxes NOT yours or your billionaire/corporatist pals’ pockets. And you would be the first to complain about homeless folks camped on a sidewalk that you might use as they appear to be either sleeping or dead (from untreated health issues, starvation, or addictions also untreated) and thus offending your 'sensibilities" while asking about who will sweep them away. Privileged, Pouty, Parsimonious Prxxk.

Sit down and STFU!


Another ignorant spirit wrecking the fabric of society.


I don’t believe that Kennedy is “ignorant”, just warped and devious.

Like most members of the best Congress money can buy, Kennedy’s definition of “money well spent” is limited to money corporations give him and to taxpayers’ money he authorizes be spent for corporate welfare.


Thanks for elucidating a couple of the evils in the bill. It’s going to be a tough one to track, but I hope this latest prop to the insurance industry can be kicked out from under.


In other words, how dare a state have any real health care in their state. Which is the purpose of the block grants in the 1st place. States can do anything they want with that money, inc. giving tax cuts to the rich. So it is a great idea for the rich, no health care for the poor and more money for the rich.


Isn’t time that someone point out the obvious which is that a certain segment of U.S. society would prefer it if those who are too poor to afford medical insurance would just die off … it’s really a kind of genocide or extermination process. Can’t anyone see how ludicrous it is to spend hundreds of billions of dollars per year to supposedly defend the American people from harm and not spend even a fraction of that to prevent them from harm through the provision of medical care. The GOP and a significant portion of the DNC have got their brains all twisted up into knots just like much of the Mainstream Media.


And for endless war. Healthcare Not Warfare


Screw you! and over 700 billion for military spending is good money spent #@$D!!


Anyone who advocates what he does is ignorant of the fact of our common humanity and what constitutes decency.


elected to office with the help of insidious obfuscation to products of a poorly resourced education system.


Absolute Dumbass.


Yep, money is needed to drop war on more families in the middle east


Just a reminder: Hillary inspired her base by loudly proclaiming that single payer will never happen.

Want an explanation for R-arty control of everything? Look no further than a D-party that offers RomneyCare.


However, our $600 billion a year military budget is money well spent. The greatest killing machine ever built, because we value life so much.


Only money that kills people through war is what idiots like this one considers “properly spent.” The dead have no need of healthcare coverage.


Another Southern Statesman (aka): Southern trash rudely posturing and posing as a citizen-legislator. This is so stereotypical of the Southern Republican today. As phony and lowdown as a life form can get, without actually slithering around on their rotting guts. Who in their right minds votes for this type of an individual?


That clever little #@$%! Such Republicans are just concerned about the threat of a good example.


‘Ignorant’ is just much to kind for this piece of trash.


Let’s see who contributes the most to this son of a bastard:

Morris and Dickson-- is a full-line wholesale pharmaceutical distributor, with more than 175 years of experience helping independent pharmacies become the model of success. (opensecrets.org)

And capitalism and healthcare go together like a 40 something djt and 13 year old girl for raping.