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COVID-19 and the End of Autocrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/26/covid-19-and-end-autocrats

There are at least two dubious claims, or omissions here, and I’m disappointed in CD for running it. Perhaps everything about Lukashenko and Belarus is true–but it would be appropriate to mention that huge advantage protesters there have, in having the CIA on their side, eager to run NATO into the last of the countries bordering Russia to the west. And then–saying that “Putin poisoned Navalny” when it’s questionable whether anybody poisoned him–may be just a diabetic coma–and if he was poisoned it makes no sense for Putin or his people to have done it. This is just Skripal all over, falling for obvious CIA propaganda.

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OTOH, there is one very valid warning:

Given that the CIA, and especially its allies in the U.S. Military, are primarily of a “christian” background (the Air Force Academy is notoriously prone to proselytizing its captive audience), and given the long standing distrust of our military leaders – if not their current commander in chief – toward Russia and the former Soviet Union, I for one will not be sur­prised at all if a coup takes place next January 20 when Tweetle-Dumb refuses to leave office after being defeated on November 3rd.